How to Meditate

I hear a lot of people say they'd like to meditate but don't know how. And if you've looked up how to meditate, you've probably found 50 million different ways of 'how to' meditate. Everyone has their own perception. This is human behavior. The truth is, there is no 'how to' meditate. This is universal behavior. And here's why. 


Meditation is kind of like procrastination. It's not an action. If you are procrastinating, what actions are you taking instead of what you should be doing? TV? Internet? Likewise, meditation doesn't actually involve acting towards something. To meditate we simply become aware of what we are doing. Like becoming aware of the breath. So there's no action necessary to meditate. Take those 'how to' guides and get rid of em!
Here's what the universe keeps telling us: You do not meditate. The universe meditates within you.

That means that a sense of oneness occurs. And stillness is the key. Not silencing the mind. Wait, isn't that what everyone says to do? Yes, but isn't that also where so many people have trouble? Yes! This is because they are focusing their minds on resisting something--chatter. The monkey mind. What you resist persists.

So wouldn't it be better to allow your mind to flow freely, creating more space for stillness to occur? Rather than focus on silencing the mind, let it run free. Want to think about work? Do that. Want to think about what others think of you? Do that. Want to think about if your car is safe where you parked it? Do that! Whatever it is that the mind wants to run through, let it. The subconscious code is running through these for a good reason--it is processing emotions associated with these thoughts. Bam!
When you allow your mind to be free, now you are creating space for more of that juicy, free flowing energy. You are emptying your mind as it runs through its emotions. It's happening automatically. And here's the best part: It wears itself out and automatically goes into rest mode. This is when the universe comes through you, filling your empty vessel with divine love. And all you've done is let your mind run free! I know, that's pretty much the opposite of what everyone said, right? 
And they probably said a lot more would happen. Like being with angels. Like communicating with spirits. Or astral travel. Ooo sounds fun! But here's the thing: Those are your expectations. Expectations cloud your experience because your perception narrows down onto only the possibilities that match your expectations. 

Look at how you take in information right now. Sometimes smelling food brings you back to a special place. Or a song from your past brings back memories. You might also prefer instructions over seeing something or hearing it. Our any other way. We are all unique in how information enters our perception. Meditation will expand your perception when you are free of expectation. Expect nothing. Get everything. It comes to you in the way that's perfect for you. 

When you are free, you can experience anything! You can shift your perception around in several different points of view, becoming even more open to the infinite possibilities of the universe within you. And you don't have to try to be an open vessel for this to happen. You already are an open vessel. Just become aware. Start with your breath. That is all. 



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