How to Meditate

Whenever I talk about meditation to someone, the first question is how to meditate. It's like there's certain steps involved. Maybe instructions were written on the box we came in, or there's a little pamphlet that outlines how to do it step by step. Part of the process is overcoming the social conditioning we have allowed ourselves to undergo in modern society that makes us think we even need directions. Notice how little effort it actually takes just to acknowledge that the body already knows what to do.


There are no steps. There is no secret ingredient in the secret ingredient noodle soup. It's amazingly simple. Your body already knows what to do. So please ignore my title from this point on. If anyone tells you how to, smile and listen with a grain of salt. It's not about how to. Most things aren't. But boy do we love to tell ya how to do this and that in our modern times, don't we? How to is a tagine blogs use to get readers' attention. That and any number of steps. They are playing into your social conditioning rather than guiding you from it. Meditation will free you from it. And it is a guided through process. Not a how to.

Meditation is simply a process of relaxing and breathing. It's very good for the body too. It makes you healthier and happier. But with so many guided meditations for all kinds of things, it can be confusing. Do you want to see yourself in past lives? Do you want to talk to angels or channel spirits? Do you want to know your animal totem? Manifest abundance? Love? Twin flames? None of this really has anything to do with meditation. You can do it still, but first notice what word repeated in those three sentences: want. Why do you want something out of this? Or better yet, how can you release any wants and desires to allow the process to flow even more freely and open without the restriction imposed by your wants and desires?

I'm going to let you in on a little secret. Not that desires are bad, but there's an important lesson. Wants and desires lead to expectations. Expectations narrow the mind's range of perception by focusing on the expected outcome. If the outcome doesn't come into fruition, that can lead to disappointment. And that can influence one to give up practicing meditation. So release any expectations in this process. Let what comes come.

The next secret to unveil opens up the possibilities of what you might experience. Releasing the desires means that you are open to receive anything in any form of information. Meditation opens you up to a divine flow of natural energy. Sounds fancy, but it's true. I could go on about the science behind it, but science is still catching up. So instead, you'll learn the science of your own mind. Each of us is unique in how we perceive. Four main categories of perception are narrowed down to seeing, hearing, feeling (kinesthetic), and auditory-digital (when you understand by having the steps outlined). So you may not be hearing angels if you're more adept to receiving kinesthetic information. What works for one person might not work for you. Too bad not everyone knows that. People seem to somehow know what's best for you. And now you know that is an outward reflection of their own perception. Simply allow your perception to be open. Let what comes come.

Notice how this is getting simpler and easier? Like I said, your body already knows what to do. But I know, there's that damn mind chatter isn't there? Oh how many memes have we seen saying that the trick is to silence the mind? There's no trick! What were you pretending not to know to ever have thought that you even need to silence the mind? There's a universal rule: what you resist persists. So when you're trying to silence the mind, you're pushing back. As with science, there's an equal but opposite force. In other words, you are putting your energy in the wrong place. Think about where your energy is going. Let it be toward rather than against. So let the chatter flow! It's really a good thing. When you acknowledge the self talk, you allow it to flow through. Notice how this brings you further into your meditation. The more you let the mind run, the deeper it takes you. And eventually, the mind always (yes, always) tires itself out and slows down into a receptive state.

So, there is no how to meditate, there are no expectations, perceptions are unique to you, and letting the mind run is a good thing. Pretty much the opposite of what everyone's ever said, right? Wanna know more? You're going to get all kinds of benefits from meditating, well beyond the health and relaxation. But anything I say right now can bias your experience. So without details, just know that meditation is a receptive state. You will receive downloads. It is completely up to you what anything you experience actually means, if anything.

Eventually you may even realize that it's not about what you can receive. We all think it makes us grow and evolve. Whether or not it does, the key is focusing on the self. Just like when the self talk wears itself out, so does the very concept of self. And there are many distractions along the way. Past lives,twin flames, manifestations, and angel readings are all distractions. Yes, I went there! Desires and expectations are distractions. Distractions aren't meant to be focused upon. Rather, they can be thought of as obstacles.

But the biggest distraction is just two words that code things into our identity. I am. No you're not. That doesn't mean you won't grow and evolve, because you will. You will have an ever-increasing sense of self and connection with everything. And the words I am are very powerful for speaking into existence. All of this is true. But it's not about you. It's not about you. It's not about you. You are here to observe yourself. Identifying with what you're observing can keep you in the same experience, feeling the same emotions. Observing allows you to experience lessons from a different perceptual position.

The real process going on is more than just breathing. More than your body. More than your mind. Your emotions are flowing. By observing, you are allowing the natural flow, making the lessons apparent, and in doing so, transcending stuck emotions. That's why it's a process. And it ain't gonna be instant. Layer by layer, time after time, your subconscious is processing stuff that it needs to process (and it also knows exactly what and when to process). And it feels good knowing this, doesn't it? The best part is all you have to do is breathe. You know how to do that, right?

As you process, you empty yourself of the energies that were once stuck, and knowing that these emotions served you in some way up until now, notice how you can observe them being let go of. Empty is a good state. Very fucking good! It is what makes you receptive, because there's now room for inflow from your surroundings. That's how you work. You get stimuli from external surroundings. Your cells do it. And you do it too. But if you tell me that you can't pour from an empty cup, I will smack you! Fact is, the empty cup is the perfect vessel to pour through. You are not the one pouring. You are the one observing. You are the one letting the energy flow naturally. In doing so, you honor the process.

The process is key. It is that from the phrase, I am that I am. I am is cancelled out in this equation for enlightenment. That is just that which is left. That is the process. Trust the process. Honor the process. Breathe. Love the process. Love yourself and everything you process. Thank you, it is done. It is done. It is done.


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