How to Transcend Empathy

Are you empathic? Do you feel people’s vibes? Have you ever walked into a room and just felt a heavy feeling? What if you could turn that around so as you enter, you become the person that lifts the vibration with ease and grace? Wouldn’t you benefit right away from having tools that can do just that? Then you are exactly where you need to be…

Empathy is a kinesthetic sense. It’s felt. And for many like you, it’s very strong, even overwhelming at times. I could show you how to turn it down, but I’m not going to. How on Earth would you be able to gather the gifts from this super-sense if I did? Empathy is both very powerful and very useful. This is because it’s your intuition!

Your brain understands the world around you using predominately four senses. The visual, hearing, the logical mind, and the feeling. This is third dimensional reality. As you become increasingly aware, you tap into higher dimensions. Imagination takes the vision further. Dreams bring in the hearing with incredibly realistic and even abstract visuals. Logic creates the conditions to gather knowledge and fine-tune just about any strategy for accomplishing anything you desire. And kinesthetic feeling creates a rainbow-like spectrum of emotions as you tap into universal love, becoming the prism that makes rainbows. 

In fifth-dimensional reality, your visuals come clearly through your third eye, or pineal gland. Your auditory allows you to tap into the voices of spirits and angels as they guide you, and others through you. Your logic becomes a clear understanding of the pure flow of the universe in, around, and through you. And your kinesthetic is your internal compass–the gut feeling that you trust to align yourself with the highest intent for the path you walk as every step takes you further and further into your power! 

Now I’m gonna show you how to hack the system…

First, realize that as an empath, following your gut has taken you onto this path at exactly the right time and right place. You ate exactly where you need to be. Now, let’s become increasingly aware of how this energy works to give you the feelings you get. 

Everything is happening from a stimulus of energy in your environment. Your cells respond to it and can even pass generic traits down through several generations as a result. Your awareness responds to it either consciously or unconsciously. The response coming from an external stimulus shows you which way the energy is flowing

With empathy, energy flows inward. 

This is a good thing, yes? Unless it’s more than you’re equipped to handle at any given moment, which depletes your resources and drains your energy. It’s like Superman’s hearing when he listens to the whole world. That’s what’s happening on a kinesthetic level right now. Yea, you know exactly what I’m talking about, don’t you? 

Here’s the trick: Direct your energy outward. 

When you are an empty vessel, you are perfectly poised to accept the flow of the universe in, around, and through you. Allow your energy to effortlessly wash itself clean as it flows down the drain (like you’re in an existential shower). Being empty gives you the ability to flow through and reflect the universal love that you’re drenched in. Alternatively, being full means you project your own energy outward, which again, depletes you. So you wanna be allowing the energy flowing, constantly recharging you then, don’t you? 

Once you’re empty, this process is automatic. You don’t even have to be aware. But being aware allows you to do this at will. You simply reflect energy. You’re not reflecting energy from others though, this shit is coming straight from source! Your empathic ability is still on as you absorb what others are projecting, but now you’re emptying this and flowing with delicious juiciness of universal love! That’s what you’re now reflecting. And when you’re reflecting pure love, there’s a term we use: 


When you experience compassion, you are honoring a natural flow and becoming even more energized as you reflect pure love unto the world around you. Unconditional love. Compassion for all things. Compassion for your mission and the work you do. Your art. Your creation. 

Compassion is the key that unlocks the floodgates to allow even more flow. At first, you’re going to have BIG breakthroughs when this flow is released. Imagine the chaos of turbulent waters rushing out. In the midst of the turbulence, the water isn’t clear yet, but as it continues to flow and you have more and more breakthroughs, changing everything in what you attract, the heavier sediments begin to drop out. As the flow becomes smooth, your breakthroughs become gradual and more consistent, as if it’s a series of one big breakthrough, all connected, all flowing together. When you let go of what you’ve been holding onto, the mind becomes still and the waters become clear. 

Your empathy is the greatest gift. You have full permission to express yourself with compassion as your very presence reflects universal love to your surroundings. Your intuition becomes clear and you become more grounded. YOU raise the vibration of any room simply by being one with this flow as you feel genuine compassion for everything in this beautiful creation. Yes, it really is that simple! 


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