How You Can Find Inspiration Everywhere

It was almost 20 years ago that someone sparked my interest in one simple thing. Since then, my life transformed again and again until I set foot on my divine path. I was not only meant to discover this weird trick myself, but I was to be the one to encourage the world to discover this too. My life was built up and torn down, as I shed my skin again and again, surrendering myself to one flow of energy. I may look like the person you once knew but the lessons I have learned have transcended myself into all new dimensions of life, and I can show you how to do this. All it takes is a little inspiration!


Inspiration can be found in all the little things. Butterflies in a green meadow on a cool morning in the mountains. Or a gentle thought caressing your mind even when the world around you seems to be in turmoil. It can be a friendly smile or a compliment from a stranger. The beauty of it is that you can find all of these if you open yourself up to the possibilities. One of the topics in my book is infinite possibilities, and there’s no limits to how far this can take you! Before I go further, I want to tell you that my book is not another self help book. It’s not even about self help. It’s about where the universe comes from. Once you know the information I present, you will understand why you are connected to all things in this universe. And that’s the real eureka moment! The miracle of discovery is something within each and every one of us. And the discovery is profound!

It is my hope that I will inspire the world to explore our universe, our creation, and our very reality with one simple idea. Because that’s exactly how I was originally inspired. With a curious mind and the habits of a science geek, I was always wondering how our universe came to be. The Big Bang theory left too many open questions, like what happened before the Bog Bang? Then, in a science documentary I saw a man explaining that someday, someone would come up with an equation only one inch long, that would describe everything in the universe. That’s all it took! Years later, I found out this man is the world-renowned theoretical physicist, Michio Kaku. And what happened to me will surprise you…

I started a meditation practice that I wouldn’t learn until 2012! I imagined a white beam of light extending from my head into the cosmos to seek the information explaining everything. It wasn’t long before someone or something came to me in a lucid dream. I detailed this experience in my book, but I will give you this teaser now: I hacked into the universal supercomputer with my mind. The experience I describe is amazingly similar to Anita Moorjani’s near death experience in her book entitled Dying to Be Me. And she also started out with Balboa Press, my publisher! Synchronicity is the universe’s way of telling you that you are on the right path! Not long after this experience, I started getting ideas. I realized there was more to the universe than what we know. I could actually see the Omniverse using my third eye (again, before I even knew about this concept). It was glorious! Our universe was born from something far greater.

Years later, I summarized it with a diagram on a Post-it note. The best part is that it didn’t even need to be an equation! Then I followed up by writing about it. The idea grew into a life of its own, and the project I started became a book! Then I published the book and day by day, I will bring the ideas presented in Grand Slam Theory of the Omniverse to every awakened mind in this world! And the best part is the realization that our self discovery is the universe’s self discovery! This is why the universe is structured in such a way for us to find inspiration everywhere we look.

So rather than feel down about how life ‘treats’ you, change the way you choose to perceive things – because it is a choice. It is your choice. Find your inspiration! Discover with me! Become a part of the new revolution sweeping the universe – the Independence Age of discovery (there’s even more inspiration I found with two discoveries announced on Independence Day 2012 – in my book). So if you’re interested in the inspiration and self discovery, read my book! If you want to know the science behind everything we know about our universe and beyond, it’s also in my book! It is my sincere hope to inspire a new generation of science, and this is the awakening!

For more information, go to, follow, and purchase my book at  Balboa Press, Amazon, Barnes&Noble, and other retailers everywhere. Thank you for reading, and infinite gratitude for sharing! Take this inspirational energy and pay it forward – I did!


There’s something the universe wants you to know…

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