How Knowing the Universe Is To Know Oneself

Science can be the most profound tool we have to really know who we are. Imagine yourself on a warm sunny day with a light breeze, lying back in a soft field of grass and gazing upward toward the endless sky above. What do you see? Just the sheer images that come to mind as we visualize this scenario will tell volumes of who we are. What do we see? Are there clouds shaped like familiar objects? Are there birds flying by? Are there tree tops moving with the wind? The scenarios we envision are as diverse as we are. Yet only one sentence was used to bring about these infinite possibilities of our own mindscape. Notice how effortlessly this gives us a feeling of being connected. We are one people. One world. One love. One consciousness…


Everything is connected.

This is the first lesson about the universe that we can relate back to ourselves. Here’s how: Everything in the universe is one. That’s why it’s called a singularity. Once the Big Bang happens and space expands, everything we think is a separate piece is still integrally connected to that center point where the singularity went critical. This is why we observe quantum entanglement. Yes, science is strange and very new to us, but it is beautiful. It is the study of the universe in this context.

And it is also study of ourselves. Fast forward through trillions times trillions of particles all attracting themselves to make clouds of gases living in the vast expanses of space, and we begin to see what we are made of. We are infinite like space itself. And within us are all of the ingredients needed for life. Sometimes, things come crashing inward as weight collapses this happy medium. And this is where life begins. Knowing that every moment is a brand new moment, see how a star is born within the center of the collapse. This star makes atoms through its internal fusion reactor. And one day it too must come to what we may perceive as an end. In a spectacular supernova, the star explodes and spreads its atoms back into the vast clouds of gases. And the process repeats. This time, the new star builds upon the work of those before her. She creates heavier atoms. She lives and dies, and spreads the heavy atoms throughout the entire known universe.

These are the atoms you and I are made of. The very iron pumping through our hearts into the miles of endless blood vessels in our body, delivering life force to all of our cells, is made by stars. We are just as much energy as we are physical. Imagine how much energy went into the reactions needed just to make a single iron atom! And notice how we are all made of the same chemical components. The same biological molecules. The same DNA structure. Yet each of us is uniquely expressed in our genes through epigenetics. We each evolve based on our own experiences and of those before us. Just like the stars. So now we see that as the universe expressing itself via the Big Bang, our particles each are projected from one point. Everything in the universe comes together to make life. And even though we appear separate, we are each connected by the same processes. All of our parts come from the same singularity.


Everything is love.

There is one way to express the infinite attraction in this process of making life. Every single atom is brought together in such a way that you and I exist right here and now. How the pieces attract is a miracle, especially considering how the universe is continually expanding! There are four primary forces in the universe: electromagnetism, gravity, and the weak and strong nuclear forces. But top physicists seek to unify the forces to describe them as one underlying energy. We already know this is present. That is why we seek it out to explain it. But this is something we all feel… To us, attraction is love. All things in this universe are expressions of love! Love is not something we do. It is what we are.


Everything is conscious.

The entire universe is like a vast neural network of energies. Our own brains are constructed in a way that actually mimics the universal structure of dark matter. Our grey matter is the universe’s dark matter. Why does this matter? Because it denotes the possibility for intelligence. But how would the universe think? If it thought like we do, what would be the purpose of our evolution? What if it was so profoundly different that we have not even noticed how its though pattern affect us (until now)? Take a look into your own mind… Listen in. How many thoughts do you have that are looping, remembering what happened to you in the past up until now? How many thoughts are opinions and emotions? How likely are these thoughts running through our heads repeated by ourselves and others over and over again? Allow it to happen… And then allow yourself to slip deeper into this thought process. When the mind runs around enough, it eventually becomes still. It becomes open. It listens. This is where our original thoughts come from. And where exactly is this? Is it in our body? Or knowing how we are energy transformed into matter, how can we visualize how thoughts enter through an energetic field known as mind before becoming biochemically wired into our neural networks.

Just like particles entangled in a quantum dance throughout the universe, our neurons transmit data in the same way. And the space is the medium of the energy transfer. So now we begin to see how we are even more than the energy we are made of. We are the space in between the notes of a grand musical that is life. Everything happens in this space. Once expanded, the universe becomes alive in space. Likewise, our minds become awakened when we become aware of the space between the looping thoughts. And we each pop one at a time as we become enlightened. Just as the universe did into each little particle throughout the entire know universe. Every single part goes through its own Big Bang. This is consciousness. It is simply a process of awakening. As we awaken to even greater levels of self awareness, we find our connection to this consciousness. To know the universe is to know oneself.

So now, in the light of this newly found awakening, I invite you to go back to the envisioning of the field of grass and the objects above. Notice how easily you can feel the connection to all things. Notice how each individual component of every single object—even the molecules of air—are all connected and forged together in the same process. Notice how love attracts all things to make every part of this experience. Observe how your consciousness puts the entire picture together into the grand artwork you are perceiving at this very moment. You are the consciousness. This is the miracle now known as intelligent divine. Your intelligence allows the universe to experience itself in new, ever-evolving ways.

Thank you. It is done. It is done. It is done.

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