I am a dreamer. Not from the generation being affected right now, but I’m not going to be silent. We all know what happened in the past when the people remained silent.

My previous generation came from Mexico and served during World War II for citizenship. And my family’s generations before came from Italy, Ireland, Scotland, and England.

They were all dreamers looking for a better life.

They had businesses. They worked for the government. They fought wars for American Independence. For a better life.

And I won’t let their bravery be forgotten in the face of what’s going on today with the threat of deporting those that are now working in America. A lot of blame goes to the current administration. However, this isn’t new. This is the culmination of our rights being stripped away piece-by-piece, leading up to this current reality. Every executive order spanning decades has systematically set the stage for what could be the modern American Holocaust.

We have the power to stop it. To be human. To help humans. Even if the militarized police are raiding homes, we know from the past that not only will the people survive, we thrive in love.

Love is how we resist.

I declare my home to be a hot zone for humanity (no ICE). And I invite you to share this message so we can turn communities into safe zones for individuals to live free of the fear of military-enforced mass incarceration. The government can help with hurricane rescue instead. As it should be.

I am a dreamer. I am for humanity.


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