I, Infinity

There is a key to unlocking your infinite potential. And just what does that mean? It means you clear all of your roadblocks on your own path to success--not the success other people want you to have, and not the success you think you deserve.This is your path and your unlimited potential showing you the way of overcoming your own reaction to others and even your own internal dialog. 

I don't bring you any information to teach you or tell you how it is. It's not about being booksmart--it's for you to experience yourself. There is a light on your path that you are illuminating just for yourself. As one who's been on my path, I can guide you to this light and even share every step with you, but ultimately it's your choice to go forward or stay where you are. Ask yourself though, are there any struggles or hardships where you've been? How has this affected you and what have you done about it? 

Know this: Every hardship you've encountered comes from a place within you that you did not love wholly and completely in the past. 

I'll tell you exactly why. Anything that you don't love wholly and completely simply yearns for your love. So it acts out. This is the basis for disharmonious energy that you unknowingly reflect outward. And that energy becomes exactly what you attract. It's a feedback loop. And you already know the answer to changing these patterns: Love yourself!

It's actually a good thing that you've experienced this and found your way through it. Because now you get to find out why. That you holding the light on your path... That's the all-knowing you. You put these limitations on yourself based on your environment, your beliefs, and your goals to overcome them. Every block you get through is an opening to shine more of that light and love yourself even more. So these blocks caused by not loving part of yourself are actually allowing you to love yourself more so than ever before! 

So let's travel on your path just a little bit. See yourself having already overcome many hardships you've endured, now effortlessly getting through unscathed. How does this feel? Envision taking another step, releasing more blocks. Now tell me what's different... Are you starting to see how wonderful your journey is? Shines a whole new light on your life, doesn't it? 

As you continue moving forward, you'll gain knowledge from your experiences, just like you're already doing now. And you'll see things in a whole new light. You'll experience different viewpoints that allow you to perceive differently. In other words, there's less emotional charge and more love. 

You are an infinite being. 

You are more than the light. More than the energy you reflect. You are the love of all that is. The universe is attraction, caused by the illusion of separation so you can put all your pieces back together with love. In doing so, this creates a flow of love. That flow is consciousness. This consciousness creates with each piece coming together, forming gases that make stars that make atoms that you are made of. See how this works? You are the universe coming back together. But first you had to let yourself fall apart. You had to collapse inward before you could be a star. You had to live and die to build upon every atom before you could mold yourself into the beautiful soul you are today.

That is why you've experienced everything in life the way you have. That is evolution. You are the evolution of the universe, and your path is your own personal evolution. Your blocks have helped you love yourself, and as you've transcended each limitation your life improves, opening new doors for success, abundance, love, and relationships of all kinds. 

We are here to guide you in this process. 

As you love yourself you love the universe because it is you. Now your reflection opens gateways for new guides to enter the realm of your perception. Angels lift you up to new dimensions of higher vibration. Your perception opens up a whole new spectrum of higher senses. And we are here for you, dear one. There are signs along your path to confirm your positive direction. Your flow. Your love. 

Some of the signs on your path come by the way of finding teachers. I share ones I have found, not to convince you that a certain path is right, but to allow you to find your path in your own way and to empower you to be absolutely unstoppable in this endeavor. 

The month of March brings many of these signs from others wanting to help us. Niurka and Supreme Influence tools to transform your language and your life on the 18th. Gerry Gavin with his angel Margaret to connect you consciously with your guides in an exclusive event on the 25th. Sri Sri Ravi Shankar with Art of Living bringing Meditation 2.o on the 27th and 28th.

This is your sign! 

Thank you. It is done. It is done. It is done. 


One Day to Transform Your Language and Transform Your Life with Niurka

Gerry Gavin and Margaret in an Exclusive Chance to Talk to Your Angels

Sri Sri Ravi Shankar Meditation 2.0 in L.A. March 27th and 28th

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