I Needed to Believe in Something

What do you believe in? Everybody has beliefs – it’s ok. It’s what our consciousness is created to do. Belief allows us to tap into our higher potential. A reply by the internet trolls may sound somewhat negative in claiming that belief is irrelevant and trumped by scientific data. But what is science? Is it void of belief? Actually,science if full of belief!

If you want to formulate a hypothesis to test something, aren’t you leading into that process with a belief of a certain outcome? And it gets even better! We have very robust theories and laws backed by observational data and sound mathematics. Mathematics which we believe to be an accurate descriptor of these laws. Math isn’t the language of the universe. It’s our language to describe how we understand it. Love is the real language of the universe!

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And as we venture further into the depths of how the universe works on the quantum scale, we must do so with only math and a belief that we will someday be able to observe what we are predicting. We also put a very large amount of faith on the numerical fudge factors used to make the math work. Everything in physics has fudge factors, especially string theories. Tell me that’s not belief! In the early 20th century, Einstein had a very famous fudge factor called the cosmological constant. Its purpose at the time was to make the universe appear static. We discovered that the universe was expanding a few years later, and he abandoned it. But toward the end of the century, observational data showed us that the universe was not only expanding, but the expansion itself is accelerating. Thus, Einstein’s cosmological constant was resurrected as a fudge factor in mathematical explanations of how this expansion is happening. This is belief – that we can use a fudge factor to mathematically describe the unknown force of dark energy! With Grand Slam Theory of the Omniverse, a new explanation may be on the horizon. Our universe expands on a warped surface that projects a hologram, creating a lensing effect.

We may not need the fudge factor after all. But we need the belief that we will find the answer, and this is what keeps us going. Belief is powerful! And I hope to someday abolish the belief that observation and belief are different. As I just showed, they are both tools of science. The longstanding debate of science vs. religion is dead. Each has its own way of using analogies to describe how we came to be: 7 steps of creation and the Big Bang Theory. They describe the same thing. Don’t let your belief system cloud the reality – let it lead the way. And for those mired in disbelief, I have news for you. Disbelief is a belief. But if you seek to be devoid of belief, then you will find an open mind.

An open mind is receptive to belief programs that feed the subconscious mind. These programs govern our daily activities in this process we know as reality. But guess what? You have to believe this existence to be real if you are experiencing it. Even the laws of physics are built into the consciousness of the universe! Belief precedes observation, or as Dr. Wayne Dyer put is, “you have to see to believe.” Observation then creates reality – it’s built into the code of the universe to work that way! Check out 6 ways to believe more, for more perspective on belief.

But what I really want to say is that no matter what you do or don’t believe, believe in just one thing. Yourself. This is your first step in consciously creating your reality. If you want to see how deep the rabbit hole goes, check out Grand Slam Theory of the Omniverse (available now at Balboa Press, Amazon, Barnes&Noble, and more).

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