I Shift Myself… And I Like It

Out of the darkness something is disturbed… And greatness emerges. This is the first shift in perception of the universe. From nothing to something, the universe emerges from a singularity in a spectacular inflationary Big Bang. Levels of existence then shifted into this expanding universe we see today. First, gluons and quarks filled the universe, letting photons flow freely as attraction merged mutually entangled particles together to form matter. Then gravity vortexes created beautiful orbital patterns asĀ grand celestial objects dance around in space. Stars live and die creating the fertile breeding ground for planets and life – in a remarkable mirror to the universe’s first breeding ground. We are a continual shifting of existence! Yet, for some reason, people think that in the grand scheme of things, we’re not that important.

Well if you believe that, then I suggest you shift your perception! Because you are the creator of your reality. Everything you need to see the true beauty of this grand creation is within you. So you choose: is science cold and calculated, leading us to the conclusion that we only live one meaningless life? Or does it inspire? After all, its findings will show you that you are more than a biological life. You are the stardust from the explosion of a supernova put back together in the life of another star. These stars themselves were shifts in perception from an early universe just waiting to happen. If the universe can shift, so can you! Because science today can show you that you are the universe. You are merely a physical extension of the singularity that is the Big Bang. There’s a reason particles in this universe are entangled. Just like how your individual cells know they are part of your body, every subatomic particle knows it is a holographic projection of energy from this one singularity.

Now you are confronted with a choice to remain the same or to shift into a greater awareness of your surroundings. You can choose to remain asleep for the rest of your “life” only to find yourself repeating this process in a parallel life. Or you can embrace yourself and shift your awareness to realize what your purpose is in this life and follow it! If you choose to shift, I will guide you in this process. THIS is enlightenment through science!!!

My first book sill show you the way. Available now, Grand Slam Theory of the Omniverse is the groundbreaking scientific proposal that changes how we view the universe. It will rewrite the books all the way back to the day Copernicus left us with the idea of round celestial objects orbiting the Sun! It might just make you shift yourself. My next project is going to explore further into what it means for us and how the shifting perception will create a mass wave of inspiration. And with that, I would love to extend my infinite gratitude for your participation. Thank YOU for reading and thank YOU for sharing!


Peace, love, and knowledge


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