If Only You Could See From The Other Side

It ain’t easy to unplug from the matrix. Unless it is. Fact is, we’ve given you guidance in many forms. Saints and scholars, ascended masters, angels and archangels. Countless enlightened beings. The infinite nature of the universe brings every single possibility of life to you every single brand new moment. The problem is that people are conditioned to believe the matrix reality is in fact their true reality. And then the trick is that you don’t have to unplug. You just see from the other side..

I know because I’ve been to the other side and back. The good news is you don’t have to die. It’s all a perception shift.

A lot of people talk about shifting into the 5th dimension. The funny thing is that you already exist in all the higher dimensions. You just might not know yet. #3rdDimensionalProblems

There’s more dimensions than 3 space and one of time. Lots more. 4 dimensional reality is just the way humans perceive the infinite possibilities of time and space. There’s ones we don’t know about (yet). Some are like space, conducting energies. Others are like time, a forward-moving transmutation of energy. Time doesn’t usually go backwards, yet you can move freely in space. That’s the nature of things.

There’s dimensions on both sides of our 4D time-space. There’s tiny little curled up higher dimensions. Modern science shows us there 11 dimensions of space and time. Your brain agrees. Turns out the human brain creates 11 dimensional thought structures. So it’s natural to understand this many dimensions.

And what’s underneath may surprise modern science.

When you look into the time before time, there is a path the singularity takes before becoming the Big Bang. This is extradimensional–another time dimension. Because when the universe followed this path, there was no going back. And by doing so, time started at the moment the universe inflated. This extra dimension is the universe’s path of ascension that it took just to get to the point we thought was the beginning.

Then there’s expansion dimensions. The universe’s path of ascension leads it to a curved 2D surface. It expands along the surface and projects itself into our holographic 11D reality. As we know it 3D is just a window we use to look into this reality bubble.

Until we ascend.

The cool thing is, whether you shift up or down dimensionally, you get to ascension.

It’s stepping outside from behind the looking glass. Then we see that even karma is another dimension, one like time that is simply a forward-moving transmuting of energy. This is “unplugging” from the matrix. But it’s really just seeing more.

This is how to really live! It’s not about dying to go to Heaven. It’s about living in the full embodiment of Heaven on Earth.

That’s what Jesus’ message was. And he’s a multidimensional badass! He’s still walking the Earth in the flesh and blood of every single one of you. He’s accessible as the highest expression of your consciousness. Same with Buddha. And for all ascended masters, angels, and archangels. That’s the nature of consciousness. It’s connectedness. It’s oneness. It’s the universe learning about itself through you.

And that’s why you never have to unplug from the matrix.

It’s all available to you all the time.

That gives you resources to see things differently.

You’ll see beyond lies. Beyond manipulation. Beyond conspiracies. Beyond control. You’ll see that we’re all one human race on one planet, sharing the same air, water, and resources. When you see from this point of view, you see that war is an inside job. And when you turn and look within, love is an inside job. Freedom is an inside job. It all changes with your point of view.

And you have infinite ways with which to do so.

That’s the coolest part about how the universe works. All of her dimensions simply give you new ways to see things. When you do, it’s your entire reality that shifts.

Thank you. It is done. It is done. It is done.


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