If You Think You’re Single Because You’re an Old Soul, This May Change Everything

You’ve been around a while, so nothing gets by you right? And I know you know all the signs that you are an old soul, which sometimes in the past may have created a vibrational mismatch (or many) in your love life, family, or even business relationships. Is it really that simple that because you’re more evolved that it’s difficult to find a partner?

It’s not that simple. And it’s not that difficult.

Knowing this one thing is going to shed new light on how you see yourself. And how you love yourself…

First of all there is no ‘more evolved’ and there is no age. There is only a path that each of us travels, and how each individual travels is perfect for them.

Everywhere on this path is accessible to you at any time you are ready.

The perception of time crumbles away as you become intimately entangled with the possibilities of infinity. You are eternal, dear one. You have chosen where you are on your path from eternal time for your growth in this moment. Your timeline contextualizes around your now. So what you do with it is completely up to you!

You are not held back by any vibrational frequencies when you realize you vibrate on all frequencies.

In this human experience, when you begin to see beyond the matrix perception of your surroundings, you yearn for more. To raise your frequency. To ascend. This is your evolution and your karma. It is your process. Do not let it become something you are feverish about though, as it is a distraction. Your presence here is here to be present. You can be aware of your ascension or not. It’s up to you.

And just like how we humans are going from a lower frequency to higher, there are those among us who do the opposite. There are those of us who come down vibrationally simply to exist and help your process. When you’re Earthbound, you become a powerful conduit of energy. And so for you to ascend and raise your vibration, climbing higher and higher in awareness and consciousness, there must be those who serve this process to ground.

You may not know you’re one of us. Unless you do.

Are you an Earth Angel? If so, you’re one of us. Do you love to serve the greater good of humanity and the environment? You came here to do just that. Your presence is a decision made on your part. A choice before birth which realm to exist in. Knowing that everything is within grasp on any level seen and unseen, you made your choice to be born and pursue your purpose.

In doing so, you serve the process of human evolution. That’s because you came here to serve. As a result, you get joy from serving those around you. You brighten others’ lives with your radiance. It may not be right away, but you do it selflessly. In the past you may have proclaimed that you’ll be nobody’s doormat anymore. You’ve had your friends tell you again and again that you’re too nice. You’re too giving. And no fucking matter what, it’s in your nature to be giving. So keep doing it.

Don’t fight it. Just drop your expectations.

There’s a common perception of a person that’s ‘too’ giving–Nice Guy (or Girl) Syndrome. Yea, now it’s really hitting home that you could be one of us, isn’t it?

You naturally become this way because of your soul agreement to be giving. But the common misperception comes from expecting something in return. You set yourself up for disappointment by becoming attached to a specific outlet based on what you expect. However, doing any and all expectations allows unconditional love to bloom just add it’s supposed to. You wouldn’t tell a flower how to bloom would you? Then went would you place expectations on your own growth?

The trick to being ‘too’ giving is simple: Because you choose to come here to serve the process, being naturally giving in the process, you might not have programmed your subconscious with this. And the funny thing is, those that are unaware have!

You simply need to be open to receiving.

Your presence is not without reward. You are loved, dear one, know this. You are loved on many levels. Even if it doesn’t feel like it on this level, you are loved. What you might have experienced in the past as ‘vibrational mismatches’ might have been due to the fact that you are energetically matched with lovers beyond human form.

You’re living many lives.

You’re not just in one place. Quantum physics allows you to take multiple paths and to exist in multiple places at a time. Multiple universes. Parallel lives. Eternal time. Your consciousness is a connection. You are the conduit. Tap in and you’ll find love in unexpected ways. You may even have lucid dreams with lovers of another world. They come to you in this life energetically to remind you of who you are. And to remind you that you are loved.

You can ready easy knowing you’re loved by the ways you love yourself. You are a reflection of infinity after all, so love yourself as you desire yourself to be loved. And when we find each other, know that a love so much more powerful and fulfilling is contextualizing in the now. Without expectations and with an open heart to receiving, your power to give becomes amplified as the universe gives back unto you exponentially the energy that you put out. It’s just natural!

So if you’re having a hard time, just remind yourself that you’re serving the greater good. Age doesn’t matter. Heart matters. You may or may not be an old soul. That is of no consequence. Because you, dear one, are an ascension angel. Thank you for your presence on this planet.


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