In Loving Servitude

In my last post, I asked the question, “is science cold and calculated, or does it inspire?” To dig deeper, I want to ask what it means to be a scientist. What is the core purpose of science itself? The answer will surprise you. It is simply to serve. To serve humanity. To improve the quality of our lives. To keep people safe. It is in essence a service of love!

Our scientific knowledge we gain through this service assists in our evolution of consciousness. Scientists around the world are very close to discovering some of this universe’s greatest secrets. Problems with symmetries keep us puzzled, like why gravity is so much weaker than the three other forces (electromagnetism, weak and strong forces) and why there is an overabundance of matter versus antimatter everywhere in the universe. Whatever the reasons for these are, it’s a good thing the universe is the way that it is because it creates the conditions perfect for us to be alive! That alone is reason to celebrate! But it gets even better. The underlying force of the universe may in fact be pure love, in terms of one attractive force. And the matter/antimatter debacle shows us that the universe is focused on abundance of matter to create the conditions for the evolution of the universe. You and I are focal points of this consciousness of pure love.

And even with this knowledge, it is still difficult navigating through this thing we call life. Being a focal point, we have all the tools to love already. Everything we encounter in our paths are there for us to learn lessons – even the toughest obstacles! I have had some harsh lessons of love. I fell in love with a wild woman who set my heart on fire. I loved her fearlessly and served her day and night. We laughed, we played, we cuddled and snuggled. She could always count on me for a soothing bath or a home-cooked meal. But I got hurt when I gave everything and it was never enough. Eventually we had to part ways, as much as it broke my heart to do so. It has become increasingly difficult not having her by my side as my life transformed with my book launch. However, there is a hidden gem here!

She was my soulmate, no doubt. I felt she was my twin flame even, yet she had blocks to me. But our souls were meant to meet, as we have in many parallel lives. In this time, we each set forth on new pathways in life as a result of meeting each other. Unfortunately, we had to separate to see those pathways follow through. Her psychic medium knew that and did what he could to facilitate the process. So do you want to learn what I learned? I learned that I have an infinite amount of love to give! There will never be “never enough” because it simply doesn’t exist. Everything I did that was unrecognized, marginalized, or disqualified was something I had to find within myself. This is the purpose for the so-called obstacle: I found the power within myself and become even more loving than I had been before. Let this be a message to the partner I am manifesting. We will enjoy so much together! All we have to do is love.

Everything I have done in life – even every bad decision or mistake – has been on purpose. On my divine purpose to seek the truth. In this path, science asks the questions. And love is the answer. It is just that simple and so very beautiful! In science and in love, everything has a purpose: to serve.

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Peace, love and knowledge


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