In the Arms of an Angel

True power exists within the subtleties of life. This power is often dormant and unseen. Maybe even unknown. It's a form of potential energy, like the kundalini within us all. The life force that when awakened, separates mind and body allowing you to experience the universe literally flowing through every grain of your existence. And this potential is realized in your life in many ways. It's probably happening right now. Be ready. It comes into your life in ways that may be unexpected (or not).



I invite you to learn about the awakening process within the masculine. There's a lot of manifesting going on out there for a conscious man. But what I'm sharing ain't gonna be all romance. It's not just unfaltering and unwavering love and support. It's dirty. It's gritty. It's messy. There's going to be hurdles. Yet in the end, none of this will even matter. Nothing really has meaning anyway, doesn't it? And awakened love isn't perfect (until you are willing to see perfection in all of the imperfection). It is a growing process.

In this growth, there are many ways that men deal with pain. He become selfless. He has put himself aside to help those around him—friends, lovers, and even friends he loves. Heartbreak comes again and again, and in one level of awakening, a strong man allows the person who hurt him to be happy without him in her life. This fucking hurts. Some choose to mask the pain. So much so that walls are built around their emotions, blocking the natural flow of energy. Men become hard like steel. That's not awakened. Unless it is—because that's exactly what it might take for someone to realize that he must break free! This is a huge level of awakening, but when you encounter this man, it won't look like it. He'll be starting his journey without knowing anything of the road ahead. He'll be scared and he won't always know how to admit it. He'll be independent and may seem to pull away. You know these signs as a strong woman, because these are things that happen to you too! In this stage, with encouragement and empowering, the awakened man will begin to find his power to keep going to the next level. But he won't have always had the chance (or ability) to receive love and empowerment yet.

As it is so with having had lessons in life around love and empowerment, an awakening man will persist. For those of you looking for steps of becoming an awakened man, this is step 3: Self-development. In this process of awakening, he will empower himself. He doesn't care what people think. Because now in this new moment as he moves forward, people are going to get left behind. They won't understand him. They don't know what he's going through. "Get over it." "You just need time to heal." "It's not that bad." "You've gotta get back on the horse." These are signs of those not yet able to understand the path he has chosen to take. And he has chosen this path. He knows there's no turning back. They are showing him a reflection of what he used to be and what he used to say. They have their walls. He is taking his down. One block at a time.

This is a new beginning, but still just the beginning. If you are attracting an awakened man into your presence right here and now, know that this is how he might show up. There's no endpoint—only beginnings. He doesn't always know the way, but even at this stage he will still be steadfast in his willingness to support you and others going through their own development. He is becoming empowered in selfless service. Step 4: The invisible cloak. He knows how good it feels to help others because he may be naturally empathic. Or he may just enjoy the service. He may be treating his own pain still, because this level of awareness allows him to go from being in effect to being at cause. And in this process, he is becoming dissociated. He falls in love again and again, with so many beautiful souls, as he is now able to see far beyond the physical beauty into the eyes of spirit herself. In his everlasting service to support, he will be there for you even if it hurts. And you won't always know. At this stage he might be completely invisible to you. It is a pain he must bear. For sometimes he must walk alone.

So now, when this awakening man shows up in your life offering endless love and support, you can see how in the past, he may have shown up in different ways or other stages of growth, offering you insight into exactly how specifically you are manifesting your own self love into this one unification. And it's good to know that, isn't it. Because the clearer you are and the more love you feel is what the universe reflects back. As it should be. Here in this brand new moment I invite you to drop all expectations of this awakened man. Even if you already have him in your life. You see, he's still experiencing and processing these steps. Whether alone or with your beautifully magnificent presence, he's dealing with his shit. So he isn't always going to be unfaltering. He still gets hurt if he takes things personally. He may still lash out. He may still break down. It's just part of the process. And he may still be going through this process alone.

And when he does come to you, he will always strive to give his best. This may not fit any pre-framed idea of what you might think his best will look like. Step 5: There is an entirely new picture forming. He is creating his life. You are creating your life. So wouldn't it be perfect to be able to align these lives together into one unified field, magnifying each other's self love both inward and outward and causing an exponential growth potential? Awwww yea! I invite you to clear your frame. This is beyond releasing expectations. This is being open to all new possibilities {that even you may not be aware of yet}. Simply allow him to take you there. This is where he is strong. He is protecting. He will wrap his arms around you and bubble you inside his energetic wings. He will empower you and encourage you to do your best. And he will do his absolute best to remain in an unfaltering state of love and support. After all, that IS what he loves to do.

But be ready. It's not all as romantic as that sounds. Because he's helping you with your growth, he's also helping you unpack your baggage. Some shit's gonna come out and you aren't always going to like it. Unless you do. It's part of the process after all, and the very reason you are right here and now reading this is because you are also a strong empowered beautiful soul. You see, in this stage and moving forward, he's gonna call you out on your bullshit. And he'd expect you to do the same for him. And also, knowing the tools you know and experiencing the growth each of you experienced individually and/or together, notice how it becomes easier to incorporate these lessons in ways that effortlessly allow better communication. It's part of your growth, as it is part of his. A strong woman always keeps growing. An awakening man also keeps growing. Yes, always. And yes, you can call that Step 6: continual growth and accountability. Notice how you both take personal responsibility in a way that supports and empowers the other. Also take notice that he's still doing this with you even if he's not your partner. Opening your frame of reference is what lifts the cloak of invisibility, allowing you to see clearly.

Yea, this is powerful work. You gotta be ready for eachother. You may have already had this happen several times in life, but maybe he was at a different stage or maybe you didn't even see him. Anything's possible. Be ready for the unknown. This is the twin flame effect. You reflect yourselves onto your partner. In early stages of awakening, you will reflect your best qualities. But know this is still a projection. With time, we really get to know each other. And we project things about ourselves we don't like or that which we aren't ready to deal with yet. So we may drift apart. Or it may have shown up in relationships in ways that you thought weren't supportive. The awakening man holds space. He creates space. Space for your growth. Space for you to be encapsulated in a bubble of protection while you're processing. So at the time that you thought he was abandoning you, what if he was doing exactly what was needed for your growth? An awakening man will develop a sense of reading you. But he will not anchor your negative states, specifically meaning that he isn't going to always hold you while you cry. He will do his best to take you into an empowering state and then anchor that with an embrace. Yes, you can call that step 7. Positive anchoring.


Even if you've seen these signs and had him come and go, that's ok because the awakening man will still keep striving to be the best he can, even if it means repeating these steps. He knows there's no endpoint. He'll come back to you in one form or another. That is why I invite you to release expectations, expand your own frame of reference to unlimited possibilities, and be ready. He might be right here in front of you without you knowing (unless you do). He is attracting a strong woman into his life at the same time you are attracting him. The key is in the self-clearing because what you project is what you attract. He knows this too. He confidently strives to be his best so he can align himself with your best. And take notice that when you witness such a man, you are seeing a snapshot in time of his evolution. In reality, he is experiencing his entire process. He is experiencing pain and/or growth. Honor his process just as you honor your own. Thank you, it is done. It is done. It is done.


Change your perception, change your universe


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