In the Mind’s Eye

Inspiration can be found anywhere. You don’t have to see it to feel it! Every one of us has an innate ability to use the mind’s eye, or third eye. While some may argue that we only have 5 senses, this is actually a limiting belief. It is also incorrect. There is scientific evidence of the mind’s eye – it has been studied for years in psychology and more recently, neurology. But you don’t need the scientific mumbo jumbo to understand it! I can show you how to use it.

It is no different than using your imagination. With your eyes open or closed (it may help to close but you don’t have to), picture a kitten playing with a ball of yarn. If you don’t have the ability of mind’s eye perception, you would not be able to picture the kitten. But you did didn’t you? Here’s where it gets good. Your mind filled in more details than I provided, How did the kitten look to you? What breed or color did you visualize? What was the color of the yarn? Did your mind fill in additional details in the background? This is the mind’s eye working for you!

The mind’s eye is an important tool for visualizing and intuition – key traits all of our greatest scientists throughout history have shared. It is the link to our subconscious programs that determine our actions all of the time. It even gives the brain responses to a situation before that situation even arises. When you get in your car, you visualize different routes to where you’re going, don’t you? The prediction ability using the mind’s eye is used in individuals regarded as psychics or mystics, but we all have the ability if we let ourselves. So please, never tell yourself you only have a limited number of senses.

There’s even more to the picture! The mind’s eye is just one of several senses tied to the body’s energy centers and emotions.  The energy centers are the body’s chakras, and the emotions are the gateway to the feeling for each one. In the mind’s eye, it is also common to visualize chakras with the colors of the rainbow. The are energy vortexes into the unknown. But we do have scientific evidence for the body’s energy centers. The energies can be detected and measured, and they can be observed in body scans. In a 2013 study, images of body scans with different emotions went viral. The emotions are measured within different regions where the energy centers are located!


The next big question for neuroscientists is this: How does the mind’s eye work in the brain? If we can see without eyes, does the mind’s eye use the same regions of the brain as the visual cortex? The answer may surprise you. The mind’s eye is the core of your brain – deep inside the pineal gland. Think of the mind’s eye as a projection from this tiny, pine cone-shaped gland.

Inside the pineal gland’s cone, there s the pure essence of who and what you are – your body’s master cell. Everybody has one cell that is basically in control. It is the template of your DNA that all other cells are transcribing. This is why those who have awakened avoid foods and drinks that can damage the pineal gland. Fluoride, a dangerous toxin, is one of the worst things for the pineal gland, yet it is added to drinking water. The mind’s eye becomes more active in a healthy environment, and it’s abilities can always improve.

Inside the mind’s eye, in the master cell on a quantum level, the DNA and epigenome surrounding it is actively engaged in a quantum dance with the universe. The DNA sends out signals – photons of light – as DNA is transcribed. We are in constant interaction with the universe. We manifest multicellular colonies into specialized organs making up our bodies all from a single cell. And through our energy centers and the quantum feedback mechanism, we communicate our perceptions to the universe. But one must ask, what purpose does this serve?

Think about it this way – your master cell must have worked out some signaling mechanism in the body to monitor all the other cells. Trillions of cells, in fact. These cells live and die and you never even know it because you keep persisting. But you’re not the same person each day – you must be reborn constantly on a cellular level! What if what we think of as a whole organism (our body) is actually a component of something bigger? It might just be!

Our feedback to the universe is a key trait shared inside our body. Does that mean there’s more to the universe than what we know? You bet! We are a projection of the universe’s mind’s eye in the same way as the kitten you imagined. Our consciousness is a frequency within a broader spectrum shared by the universe’s mind’s eye – the quantum brain everywhere in the universe!

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The universe has something it wants you to know!


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