Independence Age

Two years ago today I was firing up the grill and getting ready to watch the fireworks when a monumental announcement for science was made. A theoretical subatomic particle  necessary for our very existence had been discovered. At the time of this discovery, I was writing my book, Grand Slam Theory of the Omniverse, and my intuition was to check it out. It was like a little voice telling me how important this was. It’s not just that this discovery fills a gap in the Standard Model. It’s not just a particle that gives other particles mass. It’s a modern day miracle!

The Higgs mechanism works using a field – like a magnetic field. The energy isn’t electromagnetic though, It is another kind of field that exists everywhere in space! When a particle interacts with the Higgs field, it goes from a higher energy state to a lower state. The boson comes into existence and waves it’s magic wand, and viola, the particle in its preferred state now has mass. Like angels of the universe, the bosons exist everywhere, come into existence when needed, and work in the background without us even knowing.

This was big. Really big! The model of the universe I was proposing also involved a description of a field of lower energy that made the existence of the Big Bang possible.  Without it, our singularity would have been stable and our universe would never happen. As above, so below. Without the Higgs field, atoms wouldn’t have mass and matter wouldn’t happen. I sure am thankful we are here! And I’m thankful for these great discoveries.

But there was another monumental observation taking place on this day two years ago! This one was in outer space – scientists found evidence that dark matter was indeed real. This unknown substance has mass. It’s found everywhere in the universe. But it doesn’t make or reflect light – we can only observe it using its gravity. In the Bullet Cluster, a galaxy merging in progress showed us something astonishing. As the galaxies pass through each other, the matter and dark matter were being separated. Dark matter may not even be anything we currently understand in terms of standard physics – it could me ripples in space-time causing gravity wells, or it could be something else. Particle tests are racing for the first piece of evidence for what it’s made of now.

In my book I coined the term Independence Age in commemoration of these two great discoveries paving the way for future discoveries and observations. I am very excited to release my proposal soon, which creates a framework for a mechanism that creates the universe via the Big Bang and explains how the nature of the universe’s curvature causes infinite exponential expansion of the universe. Everything we know about ourselves and our universe is going to change! My next book mill mind-meld ourselves with the universe to discover the meaning of the process proposed in my first book. Look for it soon! The Independence Age is the new revolution in science – feet it!

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Peace, love, and knowledge.


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