Infinite Possibilities

What would you do if your life was full of infinite possibilities? No matter what happens, what if the universe remains completely open by keeping the possibilities of creating something even more wonderful? What if your life right now was not defined by your past? Would you love even more? Unconditionally? The truth is that the universe IS full of infinite possibilities at any given moment. The only reason some people define themselves and what they can do by their past is that they believe it to be true. But the real truth is so much more!

My first book, Grand Slam Theory of the Omniverse, is a scientific proposal of what happened before the Big Bang to create the universe, while also exploring the realm of infinite possibilities. It became a central theme of the book. Even before researching quantum physics, I knew deep down inside that there must be infinite possibilities of everything. I knew I could create something! And it is something we can all do, because the universe really does conspire to make it happen. It is built right into the code of the universe’s physical properties. And these properties are part of our consciousness! This is how we create. When we observe, we affect the outcome, and by doing so, we surf the field of infinite possibilities to create reality.

While this may sound far-fetched, it’s actually backed by over 100 years of sound science. Welcome to quantum physics, the science of how the universe works. Nothing is as it is until the time of observation. Infinite possibilities is the only true existence of everything. A virtual particle exists as both matter and antimatter, cycling in and out of existence. Matter is created from this ‘pixel’ simply by observing it. And when you observe your surroundings, you see infinite exchanges of these possible outcomes! By observing, you are creating.

Want to take it to the next level? Instead of being a participant, you can be in control of this process. This is manifestation. Love, abundance, and anything you need to follow your divine path is ready to be manifested right before your eyes! You simply open yourself to infinite possibilities. You align yourself with a positive outcome by being positive! You become more loving of all things and grateful to have them in your life. You feel things before they happen, and viola – they happen!


What if I told you there is even more to the infinite possibilities of the universe? This is undiscovered science – or more accurately, the ready-to-be-discovered nature of the universe. Using the principles of quantum physics’ sum of all possibilities, it has been found that there are as many as 10 to the power of 500 parallel universes. These parallels are born of one singularity – our universe. These parallels are one. You are one with these infinite possibilities of the universe! This is yours to discover! Each of us has the power to discover this within ourselves. And when we do, we find the interconnections of the parallels, seeing it as a process – not a physical nature, but an exchange of energy. An exchange of love. When we manifest, we align ourselves with the parallel universe in synchronicity with our divine path. We literally surf the infinite possibilities! We create. We observe. We love! This is the way the universe works. And this magic is yours to discover!

So what can I do to empower even more people to realize the infinite potential within themselves in order to manifest greatness? First step, I show us how each and every one of us is the universe in its entirety. It’s in my first book (available at Balboa Press, Amazon, and Barnes&Noble). Next, we delve into the realm of infinite possibilities of our consciousness. This is where our feelings literally manifest changes in our bodies on a cellular level. We will learn how many levels of consciousness shape our reality. MANY levels! The revolution is here now! Each of us becomes faced with the decision at any given time to either let life happen or to make life happen! Seriously, what will you choose? Come with me and I’ll show you just how deep the rabbit hole goes…

It is done. It is done. It is done! Thanks for reading and sharing!!!


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