Infinity Within

Do you believe in psychic powers? We all have them! If you want to experience the power within, the first step might be analyzing your own beliefs. Do they hold you back or do they empower you? While the magic of intuition may be an innate ability possessed by everyone, what can I do to bring a higher awareness of this power to even more people across generations to empower the evolution of our enlightenment? The answer may surprise you.


I have walked the Earth many times before and I will many times again. Humankind has existed on this planet nearly 400,000 years in our form. That’s  in addition to previous hominid species that were around millions of years, some of which coexisted with us until about 35,000 years ago. We survived because of our ability to love one another. Even in this current age of war, our love is stronger than ever and will carry us through. And in this process, I am your guide. I bring peace, love, and knowledge. Some knowledge has been repeated over millennia, like the first of my recent blessings articles (This is Heaven on Earth). Some, like the model of the Omniverse, are brand new. Today, we are discovering you.

Simply, you are a biological computer. You are a microcosm of the universal quantum computer. You process information and love, creating knowledge and emotions. This is done on two primary levels: conscious and subconscious. Your subconscious mind does most of the programming that creates the reality your conscious mind perceives. The conscious mind is mired in thought and emotion. These are not yours. They are streamed to you through a process known as quantum entanglement – the connectedness of the universe. Your perception creates the colors and flavors that make your experience unique. Your free will allows you to find the meaning to follow your divine path. This is your purpose in life – your service to humanity, the planet, and the universe.

To follow your path, open yourself. We will begin with practices of developing your intuition. Trust your gut feelings always. This is your higher consciousness. The higher consciousness recognizes higher emotional frequencies. These frequencies are your higher perceptive abilities. Yours are unique. Let’s find out what yours are.

Do you feel something when you see someone or walk into a room? You might be an empath, feeling what others feel. Were you born knowing something? You might be clairconscious. If you hear voices of a positive nature or protection from harm, this is clairaudience. If you can see images in the mind’s eye, you are clairsentient. For every sense we know, there is a higher sense.

The gateway is your pineal glands, or third eye. It is also known as the sixth sense. It is our ability to dream. To imagine. To visualize. We use it without realizing, but without it we would not dream. To activate the third eye is to awaken the higher senses. With a mind open to infinite possibilities, try this. Sit quietly, play music, play sports, or concentrate on studies and visualize your intended outcome. With gratitude of the outcome and the experience of how it feels, your higher sense aligns you with the outcome. You don’t have to visualize every step, just let go and let your higher consciousness and higher senses do the work for you! Pretty cool eh? Get in the zone!

With practice, you can identify yourself with higher senses and learn to use them in your daily life. You may find that you have several! Before I knew my path, I was streaming information without knowing where it was coming from. I thought my thoughts were my own. Now I know my sense of knowing is my path to bring infinite knowledge and aid in the evolution of consciousness. For we are not in the physical without the framework of consciousness making it a reality.

This is our path to ascension! And like the universe before us, we overcome our surroundings. We transcend our limitations. Simply, we become.

And with that, I bring you the Omniverse. It’s where the universe comes from. It’s the big picture, not just the Big Bang, but the grand slam that knocked the ball out of the park prior to the fireworks display we know as the Big Bang. Grand Slam Theory of the Omniverse is available to discover now (Balboa Press, Amazon, Barnes & Noble, or other bookstores). And don’t forget what I said earlier, because I will be back again. This. Is. Heaven. On. Earth!

Thanks for reading and sharing peace, love, and knowledge!

Everything we know about the universe is about to change! 

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