Intelligent Design?

We see the universe with awe, as if it were created by something or someone beyond our perception. Is it? In this this modern age, scientists have described the universe in mathematical terms and found it to be like computer code – even self correcting. Neuroscientists see the universe as a superpowerful quantum computer many more times capable than our brain. Can this be presented as evidence for intelligent design, or is the intelligence inherent within the design?

Every way we describe the universe is merely a reflection of our perception; therefore, the intelligence in the design is us! If you want to learn more about the universe, the best way is to take the journey within yourself.

The self and the universe are simply a communication of information. By opening the self, or simply put, being in the present moment, one allows the information to flow through. First we must ask ourselves, what is the nature of the universe? We can visualize the design, and then use our language of science to describe, predict, and verify theories. This is how I found the Omniverse, where infinite universes are spawned.

What does this say for intelligent design? The design lends itself for intelligence to grow. As a result, consciousness can grow. Our journey within makes us grow with the universe.

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