Intelligent Divine

This post isn’t about what you think it is – it’s about you!  You are the universe.  Every part of you, from the smallest quark to the largest galaxy cluster, consists of a series of decisions in order to exist.  The quark may have the simple life – starting from a virtual particle, it decides what “color” or “flavor” to be, which then opens up the options with which to attract gluons and other quarks.  Herein is the ultimate goal of life – to decide to grow.  This is the basis for the law of attraction, and all things in the universe follow this law.

This is the process if life.  It involves more than our narrow definition though.  This is the universe’s own definition of life!  It is intelligent because it creates a decision tree that grows.  Just as thoughts in our head grow, the universe’s thoughts grow to become reality.  As humans, we have this ability.  We are a manifestation of the universe with the purpose of experiencing itself.  Thus, as we perceive our surroundings, we are able to understand them and become more intelligent.  This is divine!  It is the natural process of the universe.  Particles form atoms.  Atoms form stars, which in turn form solar systems, which form life.  These are the intelligent choices of the laws of nature.  When we look within to understand how we came to be, we realize that we are the universe’s perception feeding our knowledge base into the collective consciousness. 

When we take the journey within, we can experience this level of consciousness in ourselves – in fact, our brains are made to experience it!  This is divine, and it is us, not some external force.  Why?  As I found when I decoded the universe, we are naturally connected to everything in the seemingly vast universe.  This is because the universe is really a zero-dimensional point.  The universe is a singularity, or an infinity.  If you take some from infinity, you still have infinity!  In reality, we are more than connected.  Every single piece consists of the entire universe! The truth is, separation is an illusion.  Time and distance aren’t real, but they do appear to be in order for our choices to reach fruition, creating our own lives!  You and I are one with the universe and each other.  Everything is entangled, just as Einstein, Podolsky, and Rosen found with seemingly separate particles connected by an “invisible thread.”  Their EPR experiment has been reproduced in controlled scientific experiments time and time again.  Entanglement is our new reality.

What is next?  You, the universe, get to discover where you came from!  Due to the laws of physics, our universe formed from a singularity in the Inflationary Big Bang, because for some reason unbeknownst until now, this particle wasn’t stable.  But there is a bigger picture to the universe!  There is a source of the singularity.  The singularity is initially held within stabilizing energy, but falls to a lower state of energy wherein its internal forces are greater than its surrounding forces.  This is the moment the magic begins.  Space unfolds and virtual particles form the pixels of the universe.  You turn it on and watch the show.  The lesson is we are the observer – not the participant.  We are the singularity.  The universe we think we exist in is the holographic projection formed along the 2D surface formed by the unfolding of space!  Want to know more?  Check out Omniverse on fb for news and updates for the soon to be released book, Grand Slam Theory of the Omniverse.  Download a FREE copy of the white paper at

Thank you for reading.  Here is the take-away: Everything we know about the universe is about to change!



Image credit: “Quantum World” by Stef Simmons with CC BY, 2013

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