Our entire universe is made of pure divine energy. This underlying energy is encoded into every single cell of our existence. This indivisible force is what we are. My name is David Bertolacci, and I unlocked the secret code of the universe. The Omniverse model is a stepping stone in our path of a theory of everything, which has been the holy grail of modern physics. Humanity strives to learn more about existence. This is the purpose of this book. This is a journey inwards to discover the true self and explore the science of enlightenment. Enlightenment is awakening to the true nature of reality.  Enlightenment is simply insight.

Insight has been my scientific quest. I searched for the meaning of our existence using my education, ancient writings, and modern gurus. I am officially coming out of the spiritual closet. I am not a body with a mind.  I am not a mind with a body. I am a physical manifestation of the entire existence of the universe with free will. My purpose is to explain how and why this is and to show each and every person on this planet the power within. This is my meaning of life. My spiritual quest. I graciously accept this path and thank my guides, angels, and the divine for leading my way.

Using the framework of the Omniverse model, this book will delve into new realms of consciousness. As we travel through the past, we will learn how much ancient knowledge may have been lost in our current societies. We will also go deeper into the Omniverse model to explain certain phenomena that affect how we perceive the universe around us. I am thankful to feel enlightened from the knowledge I have gained, and I want you to feel lucky to have the opportunity to embark upon this journey with me. COMING SOON


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