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The human body has over 300 trillion cells, each imprinted with the same identity. They all live as one community. You also have other organisms vital to the life of the whole in a symbiotic relationship. The body channels life throughout the whole. As the heart pumps blood, a magnetic field is generated. And as the brain generates thought, a field of brain waves is emitted. The mind transcends the body just as life does.




The soul can be experienced similarly. On the physical level, methyl molecules form a switching network to express your genes. The biochemical signaling comes from the environment outside the cells. The energy of your surroundings.  Just as the energies change, you do. And you are fully upgradable.

Change your surroundings and you change yourself. Change yourself and you change your surroundings. You perceive the universe as you are. That perception alters reality. Your mind perceives the reality you create, and your brain creates neural pathways. When you change your perception, you literally create new neural pathways. And the universe is altered to fit your new perception.

With increasing awareness of the power and love of the self, you grow and evolve. This becomes your path. And you aren't the only one on this path. You have an entire support  system, just like the cells in your body. You have multiple bodies all carrying out the same purpose in parallel time-frames. You have multiple souls that come in as upgrades. You have the undying consciousness of loved ones from your past-your spirit guides and ascended masters. You have the higher frequencies of consciousness available anytime anywhere-your angels, the laws of physics, and universal consciousness. Everything in this universe is conspiring to make you exactly who you perceive yourself to be at this moment.

You are many acting as one, just like the cells of your body. And you are more than your body. The body is the physical manifestation of your energy. This energy is exactly what you choose it to be, in any frequency you desire. When you choose to be in love with yourself, you align with the highest frequencies of consciousness, manifesting exactly what you need on your path right here right now. It's so freaking simple! But if you choose, you can complicate things a little (it's the best way to learn lessons about life).

This is all one perplexing loop, isn't it? Multiple cells, life forms, energies, even bodies in multiple times all making you you? And multiple levels of consciousness all doing the same! You are the focal point of an amazingly simple universe. It is exactly what you make it to be. And just like the multiple possible outcomes of your life based on your perception and decisions in the now, the universe in itself is a framework of multiple possibilities. Multiple parallel universes arise from the infinite possibilities. And you are in control.

Imagine each possibility of your life as a parallel universe. What is it you want in life? Visualize this already happening. There's a parallel universe where is already a reality! And there's a process of realizing this reality right here right now:



Go within yourself. Look into every cell of your existence. Into every protein molecule inside the cell. Into each atom. Into each subatomic particle. Notice how you can see every component as a vibrating energy. This energy, your essence, is straight from the singularity that makes the Big Bang and the infinite parallels. Look into this energy and open a portal for your universe. Put everything you desire to fulfill your path, your purpose, into this portal. Now, knowing that it is a brand new moment, imagine this portal growing bigger. Breathe some light into it and observe it getting brighter. Let it manifest itself into a full spectrum of beautiful colors, becoming more and more vivid. Keep going to a peak. Feel it in every grain of your existence, as you love it and everything in it. And when the time is perfect for you, just imagine yourself stepping through this portal into your universe. Thank you. It is done. It is done. It is done.





Love the universe in you

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