Invisible to the Eye and All Over the Sky

There's a lot we can't see. As with the discovery of Planet 9, we haven't seen it yet. But astronomers know it is there because of the effects it has on its surroundings. Today another discovery was announced. They've actually been observing these for 30 years and just started to use a new technique. And what they found was amazing!

Objects within our galaxy with definite shape were lensing the light from objects outside of our galaxy. They don't know the details yet, but it could be flat strip, hollow tubes, or lumps of gases moving around in the galaxy that cause this. And this may help solve problems of missing mass. Most of the mass of matter is actually gas—not planets and stars. But the gas is the breeding ground of stars. It's what makes us. And this new model in the making implies that the gases make up a substantial amount of gas within our own galaxy. And the real beauty is that we have no idea yet how these structures form!

Milky Way

Yesterday we found that just because hard data isn't found yet for something, that doesn't disprove its existence. It just means that anything is possible! Today's scientific advancement gives us even further insight. How so? We are finding symmetry, or order, in clouds of gases once thought to be shapeless. Once thought to be random. What does it mean when we can now perceive form within things thought to be random?

Well, as it turns out there's lots of things in science thought to be random. Notice how you can come to a realization that random doesn't exist—it is simply something that we have yet to perceive its form. We still don't know what the form of these symmetrical gas clouds are. There are many options. But we know that there must be form. And this is the same as we look to anything once thought to be random. There is form. There is a hidden order of things. What this order is may be unknown at the time, but as you become increasingly aware, the form reveals itself to you.

This form within the clouds of gases in the galaxy is a precursor to life. Stars form by the clouds of gases collapsing inwards on themselves when enough gravity is present. Form preceded the birth of the first stars. And when stars burst into supernova, there must be some form in the remnants. From gas clouds to stars, and back to gas clouds. This is the life and death of stars. And it is a process that builds upon itself, creating planets and moons and even life as we know it. Evolution is an extension of this process. And yes, the common "scientific" explanation is that life started randomly and evolves randomly. Really?

In the light of today's findings, isn't it possible that there's an order that just hasn't yet been observed? And if so, doesn't this put us right back to dropping assumptions and embracing the fact that anything is possible? What else is out there that people dismiss because we don't see things yet? Dark matter. Dark energy. All kinds of new particles. The underlying energy of the universe. And what happened before the Big Bang. So rest assured knowing that the universe truly is filled with infinite possibilities. And there is an order to the universe when we observe it. This order brings life to the universe. And where there is life, there is consciousness. Awareness. Perception. Notice how you can easily grasp the concept that all of these things are right here right now in this brand new moment.

Thank you, it is done. It is done. It is done.



More information: "Real-time detection of an extreme scattering event: Constraints on Galactic plasma lenses," DOI: 10.1126/science.aac7673

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