Is the Higgs boson really the Last Great Discovery?


After the news of the discovery of the Higgs Boson on July 4, 2012, followed by the confirmation of repeated results on March 14, 2013 (, it is being reported that it is the last great discovery (  It is being heralded as the final piece of the puzzle of the Standard Model of physics.  It is the final link between energy and matter that we have been searching for over the last four decades (  

I question why we think it is the last great discovery, and I challenge anyone who believes this to change their perspective.  I know what’s next, and I am about to reveal it.  I am about to change our view of the universe. 

How?  Well to start, the Big Bang is part of a misconception.  It is incomplete.  It has been described as creating something out of nothing.  The Big Bang is a singularity that, due to its instability, rapidly inflated to become our universe.  This is true.  But what the world doesn’t know yet is that there is more to the picture than just a singularity that came from nothing.  Much, much more.  

Prepare to be stripped of everything you know, only to be built back up again in the framework of the Omniverse.  It is a concept, proposed in the upcoming book, Grand Slam Theory of the Omniverse, that consists of a source for singularities that create universes.

How does it tie into the Higgs boson discovery?  While researching for my book, I found that the Higgs mechanism was more than just the boson – it incorporates a field, like a magnetic field but a different kind of charge.  By reacting with the field, which is a positive energy that permeates everything in the universe, particles fall to a state of lower energy and gain mass.  In a remarkable synchronicity, but on a much bigger scale, the Omniverse has a field in which the Big Bang singularity is stable.  Just like a particle gaining mass, the singularity falls to a lower state and the Universe is born.

So I ask you, is the Higgs boson the last great discovery?  Or are we entering the dawn of a new age of discovery?  Soon, we will rediscover our entire universe in ways not even imagined yet.  The Omniverse is about to be unveiled.

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