It’s About Time

It's about time we had this talk... about your attachment to your timeline. It's about time! From birth, you've been programmed to perceive time from beginning to end. But you were around before birth, in consciousness. That was eternal time! 

It's like this: The human brain perceives an object moving from point A to point B, right? But that's not what actually happens. The object takes all possible paths throughout the entire universe. Your brain is designed to narrow down the possibilities into a reality that's exactly what you perceive. Time works  exactly the same way. Instead of atimeline, you are taking all possible paths throughout time, although your brain is narrowing down the possibilities.  So you see it's not really linear. It's all time all the time. It's stacked. It's parallel. It's multidimensional. 


Notice how you can look outside, envisioning those in the same place who came before us. You are with them in consciousness and occupying the same space. You are simply one dimension higher so they can't see you. Unless they can. 
We are connected in consciousness. You layer upon layer the timelines in your parallel lives. Each life of yours is putting a code together. Telling a story. Your story is your karma--a book you're writing. Your lives are the chapters of your story. And the characters all have parts in each and every chapter, although they interact differently. And how you choose to end the story affects the outcome of each and every chapter. 

This is why there's past life regression. Whether you believe our not, science don't care. And science is all about discovering new things. Like how the brain works. How it is able to process information from an infinite universe filled with unlimited possibilities and narrow it down to this reality. There are a few kinks in the process though. That's why people under hypnosis can recall pasr lives and even speak in unknown languages. It's simply perceiving additional stacked layers of time, or multiple chapters of your book. 

It's about time we had this conversation. Because your true nature is beyond that which the brain has allowed you to perceive. You are infinite in nature. Finite in understanding this nature only. Understanding the multiple possibilities of time and space is really just as easy as knowing that the possibilities are endless. The brain automatically adapts. 

And here's a cool trick: as your brain adapts and creates all new neural pathways, it learns to navigate even more of the infinite possibilities, expanding your awareness. And remember how there's kinks in the process? You can hack into the universe to exploit these parallels. You can at any time, and whatever time that is will be the perfect time for you, step into a whole new set of possibilities of your life. You can create the life that's perfect for you. And I can guide you. Next stop: eternity! 


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