It’s All Good!

What if the good and the bad were merely tags we used to add meaning to events in the past? Can you envision these experiences from the higher perspective of simple truths instead? Consider that rather than good and bad, we have the kinds of truths with a soft gentle welcoming feel and truths that hit hard. Can you see these now in this light, in lieu of good and bad?

And in this sense, while in this moment, let’s consider what gifts these truths reveal. Every interaction has a lesson, regardless of how we tag it or label it. This is why it’s truth. But what if the lessons are revealed in different ways? Would not the hardest hitting truths reveal lessons faster and more clearly? What if the softer truths have subtler lessons, even hidden lessons more challenging to uncover? And in that sense, are we attracting one particular variety of truth in our lives? If one were to manifest the easy way, one might end up with the more direct lessons, right? Have you been doing this? What if what you thought were problems are actually the truths revealing themselves in the here and now in such a way to deliver the lesson directly – just what you’re asking the universe for? Would you have experienced the lessons with a negative perspective?

Take a moment to pause on that… And then see that conversely, if we are seeking a more challenging route to live our lives, wouldn’t we end up with the kinds of experiences that we label as good? Hmmmm…

If you just popped and realized that like me, you have been doing things backwards (in the past), then you are exactly where you need to be! Because here comes the quick version: There is no bad! You can take any action of humans and chunk up to find the highest intention. You can find a lesson in any situation. This means that regardless of our perception of good and bad, there’s always something good that comes out of it. We always have the potential to grow!

But don’t believe me because of my experience – see the science of transcending duality through your own eyes! Come on, you know I’m gonna pull that science card! And you always know, as I always say (yes, always), that you already know the answers on a deeper subconscious level. I call this the superconsciousness. This is where consciousness meets quantum physics!

Here’s why I always say that we’re just remembering what we already know: Our subatomic components know exactly how to act in order to make our lives possible. Just like protons and neutrons attract each other with mass, and electrons with charges, there are basic attractive forces of everything in the universe.

Look deep into the forces of the universe – electromagnetism, weak nuclear, strong force, and gravity. All of these known forces originate from a single underlying energy. And since all of the forces have one thing in common (attraction), then we know that this is the true nature of the underlying energy. Everything attracts. This is the law of the underlying energy that is the holy grail of modern physics. Yet it’s also something we all know. We know it in every cell of our being. Every bit of our quantum information. We experience it as love! And that feels good, doesn’t it?

So when we transcend duality and see beyond the good and the bad, we observe from a space of pure loving. This is unconditional love. Imagine stepping out of your perspective. Look at everything in your life on a screen in front of you. See how we are all integrally connected. To each other. To nature. To angels. To crystals. To stars and the cosmos. To beyond. This is the pure beauty of our beingness. This is love!

Thanks for being beautiful souls and sharing this existence together! Thanks for reading. Thanks for sharing the infinite love!


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