It’s Time to Start a Revolution

Pay more taxes. Work harder for less money. Keep consuming. Pay more for homes, for cars, and for gas. Pay more for energy. Allow the ruling class to dictate your lives. Pay taxes. Consume. Praise God. Pay more taxes. Let inflation devalue your savings. Then pay more taxes on it. Vote for people who don’t represent you. Work for people who they do represent. For less. Work harder. Pay more. God is good.

How long are you going to let this go on? Will it consume you or will you stand in solidarity with all people and start a new revolution?

No, I’m not talking about brandishing arms. They’re already prepared for that, and really, when in history has that ever worked for the highest and best good?

Truth is, right now we’re creating a new reality. Humanity is evolving. And we got science to back that.

So why is it then, that the current political climate wants to shut down science and education? What are they trying to prevent? It seems as if something sinister is going on with what’s happening nowadays.

The rich are getting richer and the government that the people voted for isn’t running as a business as we thought, it’s running as a mafia. Government officials get insider trading and deals that would land us in jail, but for them it’s legal. They represent lobbyists who buy votes. And everyone in government and the elite class participate in money laundering using “offshore” accounts to avoid paying taxes. If you did it, you’d be in jail.

On top of all that, they’re taking more from us. Science, education, and natural resources. And they’re using religion to manipulate you into thing it’s ok. It’s not.

I’m standing up for a better now, and it doesn’t include this “government.” It doesn’t include the World Bank. It doesn’t include the military industrial complex and oil/blood profiteering.


Here’s how:

1) We’re reaching a greater understanding of human values.

The reason our rights are being taken away is to highlight how important they are to us, so we don’t take our rights for granted. In other words, there’s a higher lesson in this situation (or any other that may seem hopeless).

It’s simply a perception shift.

Instead of feeling powerless, empower yourself. You decide what’s best for you, not government, not religion, not anyone else.

2) We are cooperating and standing together more than ever before.

The reality is that duality is an illusion. There isn’t this polarization of values as the mainstream media wants us to believe. That puts people into an ‘us vs. them’ mentality, in survival mode, and in victim mode. We may think differently, but deep down, we all have the same highest intent. Not only to feed our families but to get ahead. To thrive. To be a community. To love.

There’s always a highest intent.

And the same goes for those against the people. They’re working towards a highest intent in the ways that they know how.

Everybody does the best they can with the resources they have at the time.

That’s why this is so important:

3) We are becoming even more compassionate.

Realize that we are all connected. We are all brothers and sisters, fathers and mothers. We are all one. Any actions taken to separate people are simply coming from a lower vibration to perpetuate the illusion.

Compassion allows you to see that and to create space for their healing.

And being compassionate raises your vibration.

You can’t be a victim and be compassionate.

Compassion allows you to be in your power, not under someone else’s influence. Now you are ‘at cause‘ rather than ‘in effect.’

4) Turn the tables. Use their weakness against them.

If science and education are what they wish to eradicate, then they are already our best weapons. They’ve already unknowingly given the people the upper hand. We are winning with knowledge.

They want to take our national lands to exploit and pollute? Well, we know better. They want to take our hard-earned taxes to give to the rich? Well, we’ll do better. We’ll invest in cryptocurrency that’s outside of their jurisdiction.

We will find a way.

Another unintended consequence of what’s been happening in the USSA for decades is the decline of dietary nutrition. Businesses led us to believe sugar, grains, and GMOs are healthy choices. They’re not.

We each have the power to choose what we feed our bodies and our minds.

Truth is, what you feed your gut doesn’t only agent your body fat. It affects your gut health, and that changes everything.

Healthy gut microbes communicate with your gut brain, which then sends signals into your central nervous system that determine health or sickness.

Remember all the commotion about vaccines causing autism? It was poor gut health that caused it. Same goes for other diseases like Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s. You have the power to prevent sickness and be a healthy you. Just by knowing what choices of food stand for a better you. And you do that by listening to your body. As you do so, you are becoming more intuitive.

5) Our intuition is growing.

Maybe that’s what scares the controlling factions the most…

Humans are evolving, and our awareness is growing. On top of that, technological advances are making growth happen faster at exponential rates. And allowing us to communicate better globally.

The world’s population is increasingly more aware than it ever had been in history.

Everything’s becoming transparent in this new light of awareness. Secrets can’t be kept secret anymore. Whistleblowing is more coming every day, and as a result, the conscious decisions are being steered towards the higher good. That’s why the control factions are already fighting back. They’ve started this. And they’re already losing.

Trust your gut.

Your intuition is leading you to create a better now. Because your intuition knows that infinite possibilities are available to you all the time. Your ever-growing intuition gives you new abilities, like being able to open portals into new parallel universes of higher possibilities. That means we can eradicate the control without them even knowing that were doing it.

That’s creating a better now. That’s creating life.

And that’s exactly why we need more feminine energy rising. To create life

6) The world’s women are becoming empowered again.

One of the repeating patterns of controlling factions, in both government and religion, is patriarchal rule. Men want to be in charge out of inferiority. Rather than deal with it, men throughout history have externalized their problems causing conflicts, wars, pollution, climate change, and the list can go on.

Feminine energy is rising.

And it’s needed. This is the divine flow of love and life manifested in the physical on purpose. Men are waking up and creating space for women to be empowered. For women to feel safe. For more love to flow abundantly. And women are finally being free to speak about what they’ve been through.

It’s simple. When we allow the divine feminine to heal, we all heal.

As for the ones fighting to stay in charge, they’re the only ones in this fight. The people stand together with ever-increasing awareness that love and compassion are the actions needed to stop this karma in its tracks.

And with this new light of awareness, we can easily see that these are nothing but #3rdDimensionalProblems in a universe of infinite possibilities. #LoveIsHowWeResist.

Thank you. It is done. It is done. It is done.


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