Just What is Zero Point Time?

Be present. Seems like everybody keeps saying that. But what does it really mean? Is there really a present moment or does time just keep moving? What if our perception of time is just one of the many things that's distorted, deleted, and/or generalized just to allow our brains to understand it? Herein there's a whopping truth about everything. And it will make you question what you have learned in church, school, college, and even your own life experience.

One of the main principles of how we humans understand things is that we have to process everything in and around us. We are constantly surrounded by so much energy that it simply overwhelms the processing power of the brain to try to understand it all. So we take in data only after distorting, deleting, and generalizing in such a way that we can understand everything around us. This makes each and every person's view of reality completely unique! Imagine what the person next to you sees right now...



Is this why we perceive three dimensions of space? just X, Y, and Z? There are infinite dimensions in and around us. We perceive what we can perceive to serve us in the highest and best ways to live our lives. We do the absolute best we can with the resources we have at the time. Speaking of time, ever notice how it seems to go one way? What if this is just a perception trick designed to help us understand our lives? What is time really? For humans, time is a measurement. We observe days from the Earth's rotation, years from the revolution, and other cycles like tides from the moon and seasons. These are functions of decaying orbits mainly. Measurements of things falling. Today we use atomic clocks, measuring the radioactive decay to get ultra-precise time. Our perception of time is therefore a measurement of decay.

So what is the present moment then? Is it just the lack of decay? Wouldn't that mean that time stops? Yup. Time isn't actually moving. We observe it that way, and that observation creates our reality. But the veil covering this illusory reality is being lifted as our awareness is constantly increasing.

Wanna know a secret? The present moment can only be a moment. Yet we observe it as something in between the past and the future. Or so we think. For the brain to process the information to convert it into the reality we observe, it takes (you guessed it) time. Even if just a fraction of a millisecond, the brain is distorting, deleting, and generalizing to create and store each instant of "reality." So, in order to observe the present, we are constantly pulling this moment from the recent past. The living brain is not designed to be present.


You gotta get out of here.

You are not your brain. You are more. You have thoughts. Consciousness. Being present means overcoming your barriers. Notice how easily you can escape the limitations of the body and brain by allowing your consciousness to overcome your self awareness. Think of consciousness as a channel of information from the field of infinite possibilities. While the brain processes the data from this channel, YOU are not held to its physical laws, because you are now this channel of raw data. Picture this field of pure information like a shining white sea of everything, and just let your consciousness float in it, absorbing the energy and letting it flow effortlessly.

In this sea of information, notice how you can easily perceive all possibilities. Look at your life as if you were looking at a movie screen. You can rewind and fast forward or pause. This is because all of the data is available all the time. Notice how choices you make in the past, present, and future are attached to different outcomes. Each outcome is a new possibility. And they are endless. As you are present within this space of infinite possibilities, now notice that time itself is the same as the multiple outcomes of the choices you make. Anything is possible and all things are possible. Everything is happening right now. Envision a scenario where time forms a point, and from that point there are infinite outcomes. Notice how you have already overcome the linear timeline barrier as the pure knowledge flows through you, bringing a new awareness that all time exists all the time. Only the choices we make affect it.

It may sound crazy, but this is the nature of things. In quantum mechanics, an object doesn't go from point A to point B without taking all possible paths throughout the entire universe. That's just what the brain processes from the dataset of all possible paths. And time is the same. We are merely designed to process the linear timeline, and we do so only to serve us by understanding a simplified version of reality.

Until it no longer serves us. When we experience this zero point dimensionless time, we have access to all of the possibilities of life. And what this means to us is simply amazing! Imagine breaking free of all of your shackles and being able to choose the highest and best outcome, healing yourself, those around you, the planet herself, and so much more. Up until this point, we have only observed. This kept us in the past, and by overcoming our past, we become designers of better universes. Nature's purpose is to grow and evolve. The universe is expressed physically from a singularity in dimensionless zero point time in order to perceive and learn about itself. We are the universe experiencing itself. And knowing this leads to something better. Always.

Thank you, It is done. It is done. It is done.


Love the universe you're in


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