Lessons From the End of Earth

When you look around, you may see a lot of doom and gloom from our scientific community and media. Everybody loves to scare you with tales of how life will end. Fear controls and manipulates people, so naturally it makes for good exposure. That's why there's still so much coverage about the "asteroid that killed the dinosaurs," even after repeated studies have shown that extinctions were occurring well before the impact. And today if you want to publish a paper, just pick a problem and blame global warming. This is not that.image



We're all human, so we have the same tools to perceive our surroundings, yet these tools allow us to see things differently. Your perception is as unique as you are. We could reach look at the same picture and come up with different descriptions, experiences, and lessons. That's just how we are. But you have been led to focus on negative outcomes based on someone else's projection of their perception! This is a story of transcendence.

Release attachments

The first rule is there are no rules. You don't have to be attached to anyone's perceived outcome. Not even your own. Especially your own. Notice how easily you can find grace in not knowing what's going to happen next. But if you do find yourself with attachments, know that this is your subconscious bringing these up for you to process at exactly the right time. Find the past experiences that are loping and causing the feelings your subconscious is bringing up now. Look for the lessons. This is big!

Embody yourself

When you release attachments, you become open to a stronger vibration: attraction. You start finding lessons like how the universe is a projection of energy into matter from an underlying energy that permeates every grain of existence. Every grain attracts one another. Notice how you can discern this underlying attraction that differs from attachment. In the universe, nothing stays attached forever. But the attraction is always there. Be the attraction. Love yourself and every cell of your body! Embody the pure attraction that you truly are: love.

Appreciate the little things in life

I was telling someone in a dream last night how his ex was sick l such a wonderful person in a sorry time that i got to know her. Yet he went on complaining about how much his divorce cost him and his business. He didn't listen. And then the world just began to explode. As we were ripped to shreds, we were completely unaware, still having the same conversation. One side was stuck on attachments to money, property, and his perception of his past. The other side was focused on something vastly different. How much he enjoyed getting to know her, regardless of the current circumstances.

Leave an imprint

In the end, we don't take anything with us. You don't keep your money. You don't get to keep all your loved ones. You don't even get to keep your memories. Those are just imprints of your past stored in cells that die and wither away. You don't take anything. But you do leave something. You leave a lasting imprint on the universe based on how much you loved and learned. These aren't just memories. These are your consciousness.

Consciousness is a form of the underlying energy. And it's remarkable simple. On the universal level, it's a decision to be. When it is, the Big Bang happens and life begins. It is a broadcast of the love of all that is.  A beam of attraction energy. We pick it up with our hearts and minds in separate channels. That's why each is unique. And what you chose to watch our listen to on your channel affects what you attract in life.

Do you want more problems in life? Before you answer, it may not be bad if it's serving your highest interest by living the lessons until they're learned. But chances are, you'd like to be able to attract more good in life. Then wholeheartedly embrace yourself with so much love that people can't help but to love you too.  In the end, that's what matters. And so I invite you to really get to know yourself. Appreciate those around you. And know that everything is unfolding perfectly for your highest and best good.

Thank you. It is done. It is done. It is done.

Love the universe in you.




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