Let Go Part 3

Letting go creates the space for change. It initiates an energy flow for healing and manifesting. I thought I summed it all up in the last article telling us how to let go, but this evening it came back up again. Make part 3 my thought said. It is my angels our guides speaking through me to guide me on my path for the highest and best good. So I listen!

And it’s a good thing! This level of guidance is actually our higher consciousness at work. Some interpret as spoken messages from angels our past ones but it’s real just one consciousness. We’re all tapping into it. It’s your thought. And tonight, think this through: letting go well be the best thing you have ever done! It allows this higher consciousness to work for you.

There are many benefits from letting go. First and foremost, things don’t impact you in a negative way as much. Your feelings are no longer dwelled upon, because you are allowing them to flow. And this flow empowers you. You don’t ask question anymore like ‘why me?’ because this mentality no longer serves you. You can accept things as they are. This prevents you from falling into the trap of ‘life’s not fair.’

But guess what? Life isn’t fair, and that’s a GOOD thing! Because when you start paying attention, you start seeing that the scales are tipped in your favor. And it all goes back to the very nature of the universe. Everything in nature is asymmetrical. The universe itself shows us how the scales are tipped in our favor. One of the biggest mysteries in the matter/antimatter asymmetry. Simply put, the scales are tipped in the favor of matter. That ain’t just coincidence! That’s the universe conspiring to create life. You matter!

So realizing that letting go creates the space for change, we also find that the universe has been conspiring to change your life for the better the into time! That’s what happens when you step back from the ego, observe yourself flowing in emotion, and look for the lessons in life. Note go out there and manifest, baby!

Thank you for reading and sharing the love! I am loving this feeling and am deeply thankful to be able to spread so much positive energy and outreach to a wider audience than ever imagined as I embark upon my journey to talk about my lessons in upcoming webinars and workshops. Stay tuned – go to grandslamtheory.com and follow fb/grandslamtheory. Keep spreading the love!



Love the universe you’re in!

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