Let Go

Letting go creates space. Letting go creates space for change. It is how our universe was created. It is how the Big Bang started. All things are working together in this creation. When we let go, we create space, and life happens! Right here. Right now.

Before the beginning of time, something wonderful happened. Our universe was just a singularity – a point particle. It came from a white hole. That’s the opposite of a black hole, which exerts positive energy on the singularity. When it let go, the singularity began its journey of transcendence.

Once let go, the singularity made it’s way to the event horizon of this white hole. Then the Big Bang happens. This is a continual process of expanding of space. Space was literally created as it unfolded faster than the speed of light. By letting go, space was created.

Within this space grew a new universe. A living, conscious life form with physical laws a its very blueprint – its DNA. Light and matter started to form. As matter attracted other matter, the photos were freed to travel thought the universe. Gases formed and coalesced to make heavenly bodies. When the bodies collapsed, life was born again in the form of new stars. Stars created heavier elements as they lived and died, with each generation building upon those of the past. These are the elements we are made of. This process is so powerful, iron was spread throughout the early universe billions of years ago. The very same iron circulating in your blood was also traveling in the universe’s own circulatory system.

The atoms created molecules. The building blocks of life. And the most important substance for biological life to be formed – water. The water in our solar system actually predates our own Sun! It alone is proof of the creation of life through living and dying stars. Water is everywhere. The Oort cloud is a region on the outskirts of our solar system full of water in the form of comets. In Earth’s history, we were bombarded by comets enough to fill the oceans. We also had water within our own mantle. It is part of the rocks. It is part of everything. And where there is water, there is life.

Biological life started as interaction of the molecular building blocks with minerals in the planet itself. The planet is a living thing as well. Gaia is an actual scientific hypothesis! As the biochemical reactions occurred, cells were formed on a rocky planet being bombarded with an atmosphere so thick even light wasn’t getting through yet. But life changed that. Life evolved from those first cells into everything we see and everything we are! Go look at yourself in the mirror and remind yourself how awesome you are! You are the result of almost 14 billion years of universal evolution! When you look in the mirror, now you see that you are the universe.

And all of this happened by letting go.


Thank you for reading. Thank you for sharing. And most importantly, thank you for being YOU!

Love the universe you’re in.

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