The Art of Letting Go

What can you let go of right here and now to be able to move forward in life, experiencing less obstacles and blocks, allowing every facet of your life to shine even brighter? Would you like to improve your business? Your career? Your relationship? Your family? What if the key to all of this is ready to open the door in this brand new moment, and you can instantly notice how all of these aspects of life are improving right here and now? Would you be ready for that? It only involves letting go...

Did you know that holding onto things from your past can physically harm your body? Holding onto feelings of past heartbreak for example can cause depression, physical pain, withdrawal symptoms, and build-up of harmful stress hormones. Do you really feel that it would be in your best interest to hold onto things knowing that it can hurt you? Notice how in your pure essence, you are a manifestation of the underlying love of all that is in this universe. If you hold on, you aren't in perfect alignment with who you really are, are you? When you let go, you can come back into alignment with love. And that's why you experienced everything that you've experienced in your past up until now in this brand new moment—to become naturally aligned with who you are. And so your brain can release happy hormones! 🙂


So knowing that this is a brand new moment, are you ready to move forward ever-increasingly accelerating as you continually lighten your load? Are you free and clear of any objection to unpacking right here and now? Let's go let go!

First, what to let go of...

We are human. We have natural tendencies like bias. We each have our own perception of things, and bias can act as a filter allowing information through that we want, ignoring other information. Part of our natural way of perceiving things means we delete, distort, and generalize data from infinite possibilities all the time. Bias is always present in some form. Notice how you act or react to certain kinds of information. This is your window into your own bias. For example, to a conspiracy theorist, one would want to rule out information from the mainstream media (which is most likely biased). While we strive to find data from reliable sources, we can essentially create filters that block some information. This can become a behavior pattern. Left unchecked, one might allow it to control the way one thinks. But not you and not me! 

Behaviors are also powerful indicators of patterns we follow. That can tell us what we attract in our lives. Think for a moment, just for one last time, how in the past you acted a certain way and always seemed to find yourself in the same pattern. Coincidence? I think not. Behaviors are literally showing you your patterns. And the key is being able to recognize this to let energy flow naturally. There's a trick to this. View yourself from a third person point-of-view. Just witness as if you are a neutral observer. Let the lessons unfold. The behaviors will then lead you to the next step...

Beliefs are very powerful, like subconscious computer code that controls your behaviors. And believe it or not, our brains can treat beliefs like addictions. So wouldn't it be in your best interest to let go of beliefs that no longer serve you for your highest and best good? Aww yea. And like computer code, beliefs can be rewritten. You can change for the better and create new neural pathways in the brain by doing so. It is as simple as letting go of an old belief that no longer serves you. Acknowledge that it may have served in the past for some specific purpose, and find the lesson. A negative belief can be replaced with a positive, empowering belief. This process creates new levels of awareness. This is awakening. And once awakened, the mind continually evolves as it becomes increasingly aware, opening up new dimensions of thought capability.


And here's a good one. Remember how I said we're all human? Well, that's just part of it. Being human is base camp compared to the summit you are climbing. Everything in us is energy. All of those little cells filled with proteins made of atoms made of quarks made of vibrating energy. Everything in life is a process of energy flowing. Letting go facilitates this natural energy flow. Notice how easily you can honor the energy as it flows, with a new-found understanding of who you really are. And in doing so, you notice changes in emotional states. Emotions are just energy flowing. So let them! Then let go. You notice behaviors changing. You notice that what you attract changes. You notice your beliefs becoming even more empowering, unconditionally loving, and aligned with your natural beauty, honoring every bit of your juicy flowing energy.

There comes a time where we return to this energy. This is the ultimate act of letting go. We come into the physical to experience ourselves through the perception filters we create. And when we've gathered enough data, we turn this back into energy, which cannot be created or destroyed. We transmute the energy back into the underlying energy of the universe—love. That's the gift. It's you. You are love. Our physical body teaches us about awareness and evolution. It guides us through the process of letting go. The lesson is just learning to let go! And while this may be difficult for many experiencing heartbreak from the loss of loved ones, know this. God doesn't take people away from us. We simply give back to God. That is the art of letting go. We came from love. We go back to love. Always.

Thank you. It is done. It is done. It is done.


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1 Comment on “The Art of Letting Go

  1. Thanks again, David. Letting go is a difficult process sometimes. I liked your ending section about love going on and loss of a person being not a loss but a difference in form of existence. I believe that. We are on a continuum of love and growth. You are doing so well with these writings. I am happy for you and you are getting in touch with this wisdom within yourself. I love you very much and always have and always will.

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