Life Hacking

If you think destiny controls your fate this is going to shock you. Within each and every one of us is the innate ability to not only control one’s fate, but to literally create your very surroundings. This is some cutting edge science! The answer lies within our own consciousness.

To understand the multiple levels of human consciousness, it helps to first understand a current problem we have today in physics. Top scientists are working to solve how gravity is attenuated in our brane (our 4-dimensional space-time). It is thought that each of the four fundamental forces (gravity, electromagnetism, weak, and strong nuclear forces) are basically the same underlying energy. Three of the four are equal strength, leaving us with a very weak gravity. I have to admit though, I do love the gravity here.This tweak in observed laws of physics creates the perfect conditions for our existence, after all.

Within all known subatomic forces and particles, everything leads back to one underlying energy. This is the universe – one energy – a singularity. Forces and particles are described as being formed together with smaller more rudimentary particles. These particles create the image of a subatomic particle yet are nothing more than vibrations. Vibrations cause energy to move around in space creating an image of something like a quark, but the underlying part is just energy. Since energy can’t be created or destroyed, we search for its origin. That is the singularity – the Big Bang. It is a single energy that leads to the formation of space, time, and the laws of physics. The underlying energy is pure information.

Finding empirical evidence of this is the holy grail of physics. We have been getting closer to the beginning of the universe with our recent observations. We have even observed early gravitational ripples from near the beginning of the Big Bang. However, this is still out for debate. If accepted, it could support my proposal for what happened before the Big Bang. Eventually this may lead us in the direction to observe the underlying energy of the universe and understanding the flow of information. That leads us to our next step in evolution.

Knowing that the underlying energy is what we are is all it takes to understand the next concept: Consciousness follows the same structure. What we think controls us is our consciousness – it controls about 5% of what we do on a daily basis (just like matter comprises about 5% of the universe). The other 95% of control is via our subconscious – a computer-like code that creates and stores programs. Using subconscious techniques, one can literally rewire the neural pathways of the brain. It is programmable. But consciousness levels above and beyond this capability are there as well. We just haven’t discovered them yet. Once we thought the universe was just matter and space. Now we know dark matter (matter that doesn’t make or reflect light) and dark energy (the force driving universal expansion). Similarly, there are unexplored realms of consciousness.

On a higher level of consciousness, even the laws of physics are programmed into us. The laws of physics can be rewired too. This is the process of creation, and we are capable of it. To do this, we go to the top level of consciousness. Not surprisingly, this is the same as the universal underlying energy. We are a physical manifestation of that energy – everything in the universe is. We share consciousness with it. By aligning yourself with what humans perceive as pure love, you start experiencing the creation of the universe before and after the Big Bang. A creation viewed across all time, dimensions, and quantum probabilities. It is beautiful! It is the free flow of information everywhere in the universe.

In essence what I am saying is that by aligning yourself with the underlying energy of the universe simply by feeling unconditional love, you are creating your reality. All of a sudden, you start noticing that the world is a better place. You no longer need to hear others’ complaints about how awful life is. Now it’s heaven on Earth. Things work in your favor and you learn to manifest. Yes, people actually do this. You change the way you think. You stop doubting and thinking negative thoughts. This rewires your brain. You feel more loving. This rewires your surroundings.

This is what I love! My next book is going to be more of this – life hacking, creating, manifesting, and the science of enlightenment. Yea. It’s gonna be good. For more info on my proposal, I have a soon to be released book Grand Slam Theory of the Omniverse that is going to change everything we know about the universe. Go to for info and to download the FREE white paper explaining the model. Follow Omniverse on Facebook or WordPress for more of my blog. Thanks for reading!!!


Love the universe you’re in!


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