Life is Good… You Just Have To Let It Be

There are many instances where science and spirituality agree, to those with open minds.  To others, they don’t know that their beliefs or disbeliefs cloud their ability to perceive.  While researching my book, Grand Slam Theory of the Omniverse, I found many ‘pseudoscience’ subjects about higher dimensions.  Our spirits and many orders of Angels exist in higher dimensions across time.  Then I found scientific evidence of higher dimensions.

The Kaluza-Klein model that was proposed to Einstein back in 1919 took his work with 4 dimensions (3 space and 1 time) and applied it to 5 dimensions.  What he found was that Maxwell’s theory of light was consistent in the 5th dimension.  Moreover, this was observable via ripples in the 5th dimension which correspond to light waves in 4-dimensional space-time.  It was later found that by applying the same principles in even higher dimensions, bosons and gluons could be calculated from the weak and strong fields.  

Today, we have the Randall-Sundrum model.  This explains that two branes are separated in a higher dimension, and they carry opposite energies.  This gives us the affect of a warped fifth dimension.  Using superstrings that attach to the branes, gravity is just as strong as other forces in the higher-dimensional brane.  But as it crosses over to 4 dimensions (our brane), it weakens.  This explains why a magnet can pick up a paper clip, competing against the Earth’s entire gravitational field.

So if someone tells you that higher dimensions don’t exist, you instantly know that they are trying to dismiss information based on personal disbeliefs.  As it turns out science can be dogmatic, and people don’t like it when you question the established knowledge.  But with an open mind, all subjects are explorable.  New phenomena are discovered and observed.  When you think about it, spirituality and science are both based on observation.  Beliefs are trumped by observation.  Life is good, yes?

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