Life Beyond Life

Wasn't sixth-dimensional consciousness awesome? Isn't it absolutely amazing knowing that these levels of consciousness are within and serve our highest and best good for even more unfoldment of the discovery of ourselves? Yet I still wonder how many of us, like me, have been tricked by our own perception, clouding the view with our understanding of duality. When we get beyond duality, which we will, we see that our own fears or other emotions can literally create a different reality. And with love, the perception becomes clearer and the reality better.

As Dr. Wayne Dyer said, "You have to believe it to see it." There's truth to that, and it presents itself to us in many ways. Even with the highest intentions, we can still be susceptible to tricksters, psychic attacks, and demons of our own perception. Use shielding, do the self work, and learn to decipher the meaning behind other's readings or coaching (remembering that everything must go through our human perception filters). The beauty is that you already know this and I'm just helping you remember who you are. And you are someone who can tell if another manipulates you with readings that foretell misfortune in any way. You are now beyond that, using your sixth level of consciousness as a tool for the highest and best good as you evolve and become even more awakened. You are absolutely beautiful and incredibly amazing! 


Level 7 now goes beyond the living, back into realms teeming with life in different ways. Energy transforms to matter transforms to energy. Remember how we talked about the consciousness of level 1 in terms of how every individual subatomic particle has a very basic consciousness. As above, so below. This is where we perceive looping in our superconsciousness. This is the realm of physical laws that make all of the previous levels of consciousness possible. How cool is that?

This is a higher order of coding that applies to everything in this system of parallel universes. What does this mean? It means for the basic consciousness of level 1 to evolve, it follows its commands like computer code. Nature and human intelligence build upon each previous level of consciousness as the code becomes more complex in the physical world. This code enacts itself in the energetic fabric of reality in the levels of the subconsciousness, spirit, and superconsciousness. And here's the best part: We don't even know how deep this goes yet! We're at the forefront of probing into the realm of physical laws, using tools like the world's most powerful superconductor, the Large Hadron Collider (LHC). 

We know with relativity that energy and matter are one and the same. We also know through the strange world of quantum physics how nothing is as it seems, even Newtonian physics. Our reality is weirder than we thought. But in its true essence, it is a simple code. Like level one, it is universal underlying energy being transmuted into energies that create life. Bam! But how it's done is still beyond human perception... until it isn't. This is still OUR consciousness! We control the power to change things on a level of superconsciousness so powerful that it is encoded in every single grain of our existence! 

This is how the mind creates reality: We are taking the code of all the little pieces, copying and pasting them into the script to make us human, and compiling it all. Evolution is part of that code. A linear timeline is part of the code. Gravity is part of the code. Light is part of the code. All of these things are required just to make the person who you see as yourself in the mirror. And it does get better! When you are on my web page, looking at books and workshops or catching up on the Omniversal Enlightenment articles, you may not see what I'm doing behind the scenes to tweak the program to make it better and more functional. Your superconsciousness can do the same for you. Your image—the part that you and others see and hear—is your front page. Every single cell that makes up your body is the code of subroutines to make it all work. And you (the REAL YOU) are controlling the programming and pushing the buttons. 

This knowledge takes the superconsciousness to the next level. Now we know we have the built-in ability to change our surroundings. But we don't have to think about what we are coding. The code is written in such a way that we simply allow positive programs to replace negative programs. As we go through this process, our self talk changes. Our outlook changes. Our life changes. People around you notice, but they don't know what's different! You become happier! You experience more fulfilling relationships in love, friendships, career, anything! This is living as a conscious creator. You simply create the feeling of the desired circumstances, and viola—you start manifesting!

This is only the beginning... The next two levels of consciousness will blow your mind and challenge everything you have been taught on this planet. Just remember, as you always do, that living in the superconscious world is allowing even more progression into a life of love as you improve yourself and the lives of countless others around you. You are the very laws of physics that govern your existence. You are in control!



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