The best kiss is the one that happens 1,000 times in the mind before the lips even touch. It is in the space before the kiss – the anticipation of this feeling of love embodied within and felt throughout every cell of the body. This is the perfect representation of the space we create. It is living fully in the present moment. Honor the space and trust the process. When we do this, we find that love is a flowing energy. It flows through our very being. As we radiate love outward, we receive love from our surroundings. Love will flow through you. Love is the space in between the lips before they touch.


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We experience love in many forms. It can be the love between two people. It can be unconditional love of all things. It is the pure essence of our being – the attractive energy that is the basis of all forces in our universe. This underlying energy is responsible for building everything in our physical construct using the laws of physics as a framework. Love makes it happen! Love is the space between the particles. It is so simple yet profoundly beautiful to see this process in action. And we get to observe it everywhere we look! The process is consciousness. Each step is a building of something from a field of infinite possibilities. Each step along the way becomes the evolution of a living universe.

This is the basis of the very thought we perceive to be our consciousness. But I have a surprise for you. Our thought is a function of consciousness flowing through us. Like the process of love forming the attraction between energies forming the physical reality, consciousness is the energetic field that flows through you giving the power of thought. The evolution of consciousness becomes identity and free will, as we tune in to the broad universal frequency spectrum. This is a gift to say the least. The gift is in the lesson, because what we tune into is but a narrow bandwidth of the entire frequency spectrum. The lesson is learning to increase the frequency we tune in to.

And so I ask: How can I apply the whole of my consciousness to lift the veil of illusion and raise the vibration of humanity and life everywhere in this universe and all of its parallels even more? The answer is within. LIPS, or Living in the Presence of Superconsciousness, the new workshop created for this expansion of awareness. I focus the approach of taking steps toward enlightenment. This is much more than a psychic development class, and we will cover all of the psychic senses. But this is the process of becoming something greater – not learning ‘how to’ do or see things. After writing Grand Slam Theory of the Omniverse, the universe in me was able to perceive itself from an outside point of view. And with this viewpoint came an abundance of knowledge in the form of nine blessings (See Blessing 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, and 9). These profound ideas, some old and some new, will change the landscape of consciousness much like my book is changing the understanding of the big picture of our universe.

LIPS will teach us that embracing the infinite possibilities of love within our infinite system of parallel universes will change our very perception, changing the universe around us. Our consciousness is a WSIWYG editor – what you see is what you get. And your beliefs and core values determine what you see. Does your belief come with expectations of something? Then it may actually be a limiting belief. We will work on clearing conditions and complications, embracing the pure essence of you! Pure peace, love, and knowledge can be downloaded directly into your field of consciousness. And it’s not ‘how to’ do any of this – it’s how not to block it any more. So are you ready to embrace the fullest potential of your essence? Is every part of you completely free of objection? You are in the perfect place to be right here and now. This is the beginning of something incredible – the becoming of YOU!

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