Live Like It’s the Last Time!

She sat in front of her mirror gazing deep into her own eyes... What did she see? Was she all that was meant to be? Is there more to this thing called life? What was real, the person looking or the reflection? The words that came into her mind as she opened up we 'I am that I am.' When she asked questions her mind became an open conduit for universal knowledge of all that is. And she received confirmation. Yes. She was enough. So she kept giving.

She had stumbled upon the formula for living. Or she had been led to it. There are no coincidences. Even that which seems completely random is just a perception of something we don't yet understand. But as you are reading this right now in this brand new moment, notice how effortlessly the knowledge absorbs into every cell of your existence that everything is unfolding exactly as it should be. You are learning some serious life lessons right now, yes? Here's a few tricks to help you through the hard times and the good times.

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Hard Lessons are Easier

This may seem backwards on our level of thinking, but as you raise your awareness into higher tiers of consciousness, you expand your point of view to see the big picture. You cannot see the entirety of the forest from within can you? Life is the same. Disassociate from the first person point of view and expand your awareness. In this space, you will see all of the lessons that you have been through. Have you wanted easy lessons? Well the easiest way to make sure the little you gets it is to hit hard. And yes, I understand that this statement hits hard. And it gets better. By revealing the more complex lessons, the little you experiences it slower, with many more layers of beauty and complexity. This is like creating the complex hydrocarbons of a flower's scent and matching your nose's receptors to perceive the wonderful aroma. That is how your complex lessons will unfold from this point on—beautifully.

Giving is the New Receiving

Have you ever felt that in the past, you had to give it all for nothing in return? What if this was just a limiting belief? Notice how it can be replaced with a simple law of energy exchange. Give without expectation. What comes around goes around (in a positive way). Know that what you are giving is initiating an energy flow. This flow is the natural way of the universe. It is known as Qi, Prana, or simply love. It is the underlying energy of all that is, long sought after by the scientific community. Honor this energy. Honor the process. Trust without expectation that the energy flows freely through you and you will effortlessly notice how you are now free of attachments that once shackled you. You are free! Allow your heart to open even further, letting your light shine.

Live Like an Ascended Master

This concept may be new to you (unless it isn't)—you can take physical shape several times to reach a common purpose. Like growing a forest, you would need several trees to do so, yes? The forest didn't start out as a forest. It was a seed that grew. As it grew and enriched the soil around it to become a fertile landscape, other grew. Their purpose is to live. It is really that simple. And your purpose is the same. What about all of those complications you put upon yourself though? Work? School? Family? Those are not the higher purpose, are they? In fact, they are perfect little delivery vessels for your lessons.

To be in full awareness is to be able to recognize the lessons without taking things personally. Again, view the entire forest as your expanded life. Notice how this viewpoint allows you to deconstruct these lessons that happened in your life in the past up until now. And from this point moving forward as you bring the future into the now, visualize this expanded awareness taking full control of your consciousness, allowing you to always be in your power. And this feels good, doesn't it?

Believe it or not, this is the principle of reincarnation and karma. There is no bad karma. There are only more chances for you to get it right and follow your path. You'll notice in life that when you have a passion for something and it benefits you and those around you, that everything seems to work in perfect alignment with this path, yes? This is because you are on track with whatever your purpose is. And where you may have notices resistance in the past could have been just that you were off track temporarily, couldn't it? And it feels good knowing that at any time, you can get back on track, now doesn't it?

This is the process you might take over several lifetimes in what you perceive as a timeline. In quantum physics, all possibilities exist. Multiple parallel universes. To go from point A to point B, an object must travel along ALL possible paths throughout the entire universe. You perception narrows down these unlimited possibilities to that which you perceive. Time is no different. Your past lives in this sense are parallel lives, all working in concert together right now for your highest and best good, like all of the trees and life forms contributing to the health and wealth of this forest. Not each tree emerged from its seed at the same time. Some come and go. And the forest remains. This is the beauty of life from an expanded awareness.

Here's the question though—do you need to go through this again and again to get your lessons? While it may seem so, the answer is no. Those that have been around many times have a beneficial presence on the planet. But you can be here just once, and if your presence is felt by the whole in such a way and your lessons are effortlessly transmuted into love, you only need to be here right here and now. This is the gift of the present moment. It is never too late to turn things around. You can always be selfless and do good for humanity and the environment. And you can have fun doing it! So are you ready to turn the tables right here and now, knowing that this truly is a brand new moment?

You Are Here On Purpose

Take this statement into heart and mind. It means two things, yes? First, your presence is intentional. Second, you are now on track with purposeful living for the highest and best good. And it feels good knowing this, doesn't it? And there's more to the picture. Remember how once, you viewed things from a personal perspective until you were able to expand your awareness to view the whole of the forest of life?

This is a continual process of awakening. Just as you expanded your perception, you will notice how the mind keeps expanding, encompassing even bigger pictures. You can be the Gaia viewpoint experiencing life on Earth, through all of its cycles. As an unconditionally loving being, notice how cycles of life and death always contribute to ever-evolving life. Where in the past, you may have been saddened by things, Mother Earth consciousness shows you how all is working out for the highest and best good. And in this light, notice how effortlessly you can view humanity as an evolving species. We are becoming more conscious. And at the same time, we are slowly eliminating sleepers. Our species will be awake soon.

Universal Perception Division

Here's where it gets good. Notice how this expanded point of view now encompasses the universe as a whole, with her billions of life-supporting planets everywhere across all time and space. See and feel the pure beauty of life thriving on a universal level. Give all of your love into this flowing energy as you trust the process. You are now seeding the forests everywhere. You are experiencing universal consciousness, right here and now! 

And here's an added bonus for your lesson. It's complex yet profound. We are here to perceive. Sounds simple, right? But just like smelling the flower, there's lots more to the picture behind the scenes. Our lessons are our perceptions. BAM! Everything you experience shapes a complex overall picture of your life/lives. And as a true universal consciousness, you made plans for there to be receptors to pick up these wonderful aromas, yes? That's right, you are the universe experiencing itself.

Now that kinda makes all those problems you had in the past seem smaller and more trivial, right? Now go out there and be awesome! It's exactly what you are meant to do.


Thank you, it is done. It is done. It is done.


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