Living as Love

Life has no expectations of you. You simply live and in doing so, become a conduit of universal love and knowledge. So why do we place expectations on life? What is the highest intent? To experience love? What if there is another way to experience this love with less frustration? There is! Simply release and let go of expectations. This is how you follow your gut. This is where intuition begins. And this is where you will find the highest and best love and your life purpose. Expect nothing and receive everything life has to offer. This is infinite wisdom!

Image: The Kiss by Alex Grey

There’s a little trick up the universe’s sleeve for when you get here. And whenever you decide to open this little box of knowledge will be the perfect time for you. This knowledge is self contained within every grain of your existence, you see, so it’s already known, and at that perfect time each of us decides to activate the secret wisdom within, we celebrate living. But I’ll give you a little advanced bonus teaching right here and right now…

Everything in the universe comes back into knowledge of the self. Whether we journey out there or explore inside, we can get to the same thing. This is the true essence of what we are and where we come from. This is the true nature of our evolution. It is science, and it is love. It is the pure beauty of a system of life in a continuum – no beginning or end – only illusions we must overcome as we peel away the layers of conditioning we’ve all been through. So here is the story about our role within the continuum of life:

The universe is not what it seems. There is more to the universe than what we know and what we’ve been taught. There are infinite possibilities of time, space, and even parallel universes – all from a single point particle. That is what our universe really is. It is a singularity, like a black hole. Many theorists have studied black holes to try to understand the phenomena, with recent findings suggesting that singularities are like universal copy machines ( All of the information of the universe could be stored on the surface of the event horizon of a singularity. Our universe as a whole could very well be that. In my book entitled Grand Slam Theory of the Omniverse, I found that the singularity had to exist under such conditions in order for the Big Bang to occur. The Big Bang is happening on the event horizon – the universe’s genetic copy machine – it’s DNA.

What we live in and experience as our universe is the projection from this point on the event horizon. And it gets even better! As this copy machine’s nature is to copy, this one universe is integrally connected to nearly infinite parallels. That’s all of the possibilities of our lives! We can go from one to another as we surf the infinite possibilities and manifest the lives we desire.

This is all possible because of the simple mechanism of this projection creating our universe.┬áThere are three key components required. First, the singularity. Second, the underlying energy that projects this singularity into the universe. We know it’s there, because it is split up into the forces that drive our laws of physics in this universe. And third, there is the observer. You see, none of this could exist without the observer ( Yes, this is just like the theater with the screen in front of us (the universe), the projector behind us, and we are sitting in this theater watching. That’s not just how the universe works – it’s how you work! Because the observer isn’t some external deity sitting up on a cloud creating all of this – YOU ARE.

Do you see how everything comes back around to our role in this universe? All life, which is ubiquitous in this water-filled universe, collectively experiences this projection, making it possible simply by observing. In doing so, the singularity turns into the universe. Each virtual particle filling its vast space network decides to be matter or antimatter. Each force particle decides to be gravity, electromagnetism, weak nuclear, or strong nuclear forces. The universe builds itself upon a hierarchy of decision making. As it grows, it evolves, creating vast webs of dark matter like neurons, connecting galaxies and clusters and making itself into a living, thinking organism. This is consciousness. And like a hologram, this consciousness is stored in every bit of information, in its entirety. This is the same way our brain stores information. It is also the same way the universe is projected. That singularity isn’t a relic of the past – it exists within every pixel on the screen. Every pixel that you see yourself made of contains the entire universe. Every part of you is the entire universe! Now that feels pretty darn empowering, doesn’t it?

So the observer effect gives consciousness to you, and you are the universe times infinity. This feels good knowing this yes? Do you see the true beauty yet? Because there’s still more… The underlying energy – the projector behind us – not only fuels consciousness and life, but it seeds the entire universe of space with a loving energy that fills all voids. That’s right, nothing in space is empty. It’s filled with love. That means you are filled with love. It is our very nature. Consciousness, as we know it, is a reflection of this love. So sit back, relax, have some popcorn (because something just popped!) and simply observe the screen. This love is here for our enjoyment. And that is exactly why our experiences are what we make. Our perception does change the interactive movie we’re observing. And that feels good, doesn’t it? THIS is living as love!


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