Love Bubble


When you open yourself up to let the universe flow, amazing things happen. I’m not kidding! This is really how the universe flows love into your life. You take that love and transmute it into relationships, success, emotions, whatever you need in your divine path. All you have to do is create space. That’s why my last article came through me.

Today, I’m thoughtstreaming¬† a new technique. This comes from the Big Bang, when the universe unfolds its space. As this happens, space forms in bubbles that merge to form one big bubble. That’s our universe we observe today!


Here’s what they didn’t tell you in school: You can create bubbles of space using your own thought! This is a powerful way of aligning infinite parallel universes and unlimited possibilities of love and life! This is your big bang of consciousness!

Imagine forming a bubble of space right in front of you. Hold it in your hands. Spread your hands apart and let it grow so it’s just big enough to walk into. Now with love and intentions for the highest and best good, let’s start programming it. Think of what you would like to manifest. Love and abundance of success and money? Family? Someone to share your life with? Snuggles? Put em in the bubble! You can even put behavior types from role models in the bubble. These are your programs.

Now when you’re ready, and you have everything programmed in your bubble, step into it. You can do this as a couple exercise our leave it open for a special someone you just met. When you step into the bubble, it becomes your universe. Your universe of love that you programmed! That you created.

This universe is infinitely programmable. Everything you need is provided for you. Infinite possibilities from your highest level of consciousness. This is how you create with thought. Your love and intentions mold this thought. Thought creates reality. You are now a master of reality!

Universes can be opened and closed at will, any time you need. As we practice, or consciousness grows and the universe expands. Want scientific proof that this technique works? It’s why the universe is expanding right now!

I recently closed an old universe to create a new life. I have my bubble of love right now, being programmed with pure love and compassion. It is open right now, ready for you to step in with me…


Thanks for reading and sharing!
This is your universe. Feel free to explore.

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