Love. Just Love.

"When we recognize ourselves in each other all of our lives are enriched."
- Father Greg Boyle, founder of Homeboy Industries

Ancient knowledge is resurrected with each new generation on Earth as we awaken to who we really are. And I know you. I know who you really are. It is with deep love and gratitude that I can see what I say when I say that I love you. For it is the deepest expression of love of myself, humanity, and nature herself. This is how I honor the process of the natural flow of the underlying energy of the universe. I see the divine in you. You and I are physical reflections of the universe, remember? When our consciousness is one we see how far back the illusion goes. From the very moment we simply decided to be, the universe became polar, resulting in you and me.




There's a beautiful complex scientific meaning to this love that unravels its many layers through lessons in our lifetimes. Let's see ourselves along this path of ascension as we effortlessly float above and just observe... What if we could see the entire universe in front of our eyes, before the Big Bang, and it's just a seed. It does not know what it is. It does not know where it came from or where it's going (but we do 😉 The seed is first incubated, like being buried in the dirt. It is safe and protected. And at the very moment when it becomes self aware, and whatever moment it is will be perfect for us to observe, it must overcome its surroundings.

Like the Buddha said, the seed will be born into this world unsoiled. Our seed is "born in the water, grows in water and rises out of water to stand above it unsoiled, so I, born in the world, raised in the world having overcome the world, live unsoiled by the world." This is how the universe comes to be at the moment of self-awareness. At that brand new moment, the universe expands and creates the seeds for the tapestry of physical beauty we see. Each seed is intimately intertwined by quantum entanglement. All is one. One love strong enough to power the underlying energy of the universe begins its process of transmutation. Transformation. Metamorphosis. As a conscious entity, we created something new. We observed this universe pop into existence, just as in our minds, the new ideas pop as we transform ourselves. We mirror the universe because we ARE the universe!

I see the universe in your eyes. It is in the space between everything we think is a solid object. It is in every tiny subatomic particle cycling throughout existence to create the you that I see right here and now. You are the tapestry and the painter. The grower and the seed. You are it all! Thank you for being right here right now and emitting infinite reflections of yourself so that I may be able to experience myself in the same way by observing you. What we see in the physical realm is just the surface. After having gone through being buried in the dirt and then rising through the water to stand above unsoiled, that's when we blossom. The flower of life. Each of its beautifully soft pink petals become the unlimited reflections of ourselves. As we look around, we see how all of our brothers and sisters in this world are intimately connected, just as the universe is.

Each of us is a pedal, which is part of something bigger than what we may have been perceiving in the past. But now we are awakening. We see ourselves and others in our true nature as reflections of the divine. We are the petal, the flower, the stalk, and the seed. The flower consciousness sees itself as us while it also sees how it came to be from the seed. All the seed needed was the right conditions and nurturing, and its consciousness was automatic. This is the nature of consciousness. It simply is. And it is exactly what it needs to be at exactly the right time for our growth and evolution. This consciousness exists within every force and matter particle—that make you and me. It is the underlying energy. It is attraction. It is love. It is whatever you want to call it. But without love, would our universe even exist? With love, how can we recognize even more opportunities for consciousness and life to exist and flourish everywhere in the physical tapestry? Breathe.... It just is.

Now go deep. Ask yourself the questions you have always been afraid too (in the past). And I bet of you think about it, you weren't ALWAYS afraid, were you? Go to that time when you felt most confident. We can turn fear upside down and it turns into love. It is natural! Ask the question of yourself, knowing that the reflections of you have served you up until now by showing this part of you. Your subconscious has been attracting this resolution for a positive outcome as we process. Just trust this process. You know what to do on many levels. Ask with a positive presupposition. Ask to create space for this process to heal. Today I have been asking the hardest question I've ever had. What part of me have I not loved in the past, and how can I attract even more love of myself as a whole to transmute what I may have thought was a lack of some kind (in the past)? I invite you to go deep, knowing that the same nurturing protective force of the seed that becomes the universe is within every grain of your existence right here and now. You are exactly where you need to be 🙂 Imagine the flower of life and as we evolve beyond the physical constraints, we create the wonderful aroma wafting in the gentle breeze, infinitely expanding. Do you smell popcorn? Because something's about to pop!

Thank you, It is done. It is done. It is done.

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