Manifest This!

Well it's been one wild ride so far, and like the universe itself, you are set to continually expand in this space right here and now! You probably felt the immense power growing throughout 2015. You're not alone. You are here on purpose! And the reason you found this right now in this brand new moment is no coincidence... you are ready!


In this brand new moment, your journey begins anew. Because you aren't here to be told how to do anything. You can do it! And you sure aren't needing to read 11 steps to avoid taking unnecessary steps. You have been preparing yourself for a long time. For a lifetime!  And rest easy knowing that this is simply a process you will be guided through with full support. And it feels good knowing this doesn't it?

Have you ditched the old energy yet? Rather than push it away, notice how effortlessly you can acknowledge that everything happened the way it did to deliver you perfectly into this moment right here and how. Simply acknowledge within a heartspace of gratitude... Forgive everyone. And forgive yourself. Always forgive yourself.

Now notice how your subconscious processes and brings these feelings to your consciousness for the effortless process of letting go. All you need to do now is just let the energy flow. This is a very natural process... We may have been conditioned to hold onto things, and doing so may have hurt us in the past physically and/or emotionally, making it even easier to let go here in this brand new moment. And this feels breath-givingly liberating, yes? You are ready!

In the past, have you been manifesting something you don't have? If so, we're gonna change that up right here and now. And I'm about to get sciencey on ya! Let's take a trip. This is the inner journey...


See yourself as the body in a conscious space. Just like you view yourself in the mirror. Look beyond the organs that make you work. Notice how every cell in your body functions as one with the whole. Even when cells die, stem cells are grown and given instructions with the exact cell to be in order to keep the whole alive. Your identity is imprinted on every cell. Every cell is therefore open and ready to receive instruction...

Within the cell are proteins carrying out complex operations on your behalf. Every molecule inside the cell is working to keep the whole alive. Everything is purpose-driven. Every atom of every molecule are working in unison and integrally connected via quantum entanglement. You are now entering the realm of pure energy. Each subatomic component is made up of particles that are vibrations of pure energy. We know this energy by feel. It is love.

You are love. Pure energy. Space is the fabric with which this underlying energy is conducted. You are the conductor. This is the space within you and the space around you. In this space, this is your consciousness. You are the one giving the instructions to each and every cell for the highest and best good of your life. And in this space, you also give instructions to the soul for the highest and best unfolding of your lessons. These are the lessons you just acknowledged, as they already served their purpose. Every cell in you is awaiting the next instruction right now!

The quantum physical realm is that of pure energy. Energy is information. Your instructions are information encoded in the energy throughout all space that infuse each and every one of your cells with your love!

In this space all things exist. All possibilities exist right here and now. Everything your heart desires, you already have here. Everywhere. From this space, picture a portal opening up, bridging the physical you. See yourself in the portal. Now let's put your pure loving energy into this portal. You are simply taking your feeling of plentitude and pouring it into the portal with love and gratitude. Because it feels so good to have everything, you just gotta give thanks! Feel the love in this space. Feel the abundance in the energy of all that is. Picture the love and abundance streaming into this portal. You have everything you need, and now is the time to activate it in the physical!

And now when you are ready (and whenever you are ready is the perfect time for you), notice how effortlessly the portal, streaming with love and abundance, can stay open in this space of acceptance and gratitude. Imagine your energy floating back into this portal, infusing every cell of your existence with love. Notice how each individual component goes back to work to make you more energetic, healthier, happier, and even more fulfilled. Envision every cell working on behalf of your highest and best good. See yourself full of life, as if you are here on purpose. Because you are!

Now, all you have to do is follow that purpose and all of the energy you are infusing yourself with starts popping with manifestations of love and abundance! See your purposefully driven life working towards higher goals, just as the cell does for your body. Keep going! Make your purpose bigger and brighter. Breathe deep, smile big, and rest easy knowing that everything you put in motion is unfolding right here and now for your highest and best good!

Thank you, it is done. It is done. It is done.

Now, doesn't it feel good knowing you just untapped this power yourself? Look for more portal workshops at Here you can subscribe to Omniversal Enlightenment for announcements of webinar and workshop details. It is all unfolding right here and now!



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