Matrix Reprogramming 101

At your core, you are vibrating energy. This is true for all of us. At our essence, we're all the same. Look deep within yourself as you visualize your body synchronized and functioning as a whole. Each of your organs serves its own purpose and is made of unique cells. Every cell has the genetic blueprint made of biomolecules acting for the purpose of the whole. And these are composed of different atoms bonded together. Each atom, comprised of tiny subatomic particles, are made of the energy that is you! Every little quark and gluon is a dance of love. Every electron and photon light the dance floor. Yes, you are love and light. And underneath it all, everything that makes you YOU is vibrating energy.



Now here's a little trick that will allow you to hack reality for even more of the good stuff in life. When you go to this energy state, you change everything in and around you. You literally reprogram the universe around you. And yourself in this process. And this is a guided through process, not a how to.

Just be one with your essence. Imagine the space in between and within every particle. See a wormhole opening up in this space. Put your vibration every into this wormhole, the portal to the new you. Feel this vibrating energy. Imagine what it might look like as it spins around and around.

Notice how you can allow this energy to spin faster. As you do so, see how you can easily recognize where in the past, things weighed you down and kept your energy from spinning freely. If you were out of alignment, it was simply a matter of being imbalanced. That off-balance energy gave you a vibration just like a phone notification. What is it saying? Look into what the notifications are telling you.

Now, after gathering the lessons from your notifications, envision this energy spinning faster and faster. Let its colors become more vivid and brighter. Notice how anything that used to be out of balance is literally being thrown out of orbit as your energy spins faster and faster. You are raising your vibration and that which no longer serves you is being let go of naturally. See your energy spinning even faster. Visualize it becoming brighter, crisper, clearer, and more vivid. Let it keep going. Feel it in every grain of your existence!

At the time that you are ready, and whenever that is will be the perfect time for you, envision your portal growing bigger and wider, opening up a new universe of infinite possibilities. See your vibrating energy in the portal multiplying exponentially. And when you feel this high vibration at a peak, simply allow it to build itself back up through every subatomic particle as you visualize yourself now in the portal. Back into every atom and molecule, infusing itself in every cell of your being. Let your organs come alive with this energetic blast. Feel it in your body as a whole as you shine with love and light! And now, just float right into your body in this portal, entering the new you. The new universe. Thank you, it is done. It is done. It is done.



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