Messages from the Divine

To love yourself is to love your journey. And with that, to love every part of it including the pain, the lessons, and those you’ve chosen to distance yourself from. See the challenge? All of those ‘toxic’ people were attracted by you in order for you to gain something. So how did cutting them out help? Maybe it was just the easy thing to do at the time to have peace. But then did you notice the pattern repeated itself through others? To wholly love yourself, you also love your lessons provided through the reflections of others. Then will you see the change happening in your life. It all starts within. And we all go through it in one way or another.

My name is David Bertolacci. I am an author and a channeler. Unbeknownst to me while I was writing about what happened in the universe before the Big Bang, this information was being channeled. Now I teach the lessons that I get every single day. Just by opening up to the divine within. And I can teach you. No selling. No extraordinary claims. Just opening up people to their own divine nature, transforming lives, and helping those in need. Although you can buy my book if you want and sign up to receive blogs and updates when I do have paid workshop offerings. 

My purpose here is to walk with you. I can show you the way, but ultimately it’s your choice how you wish to travel your path. This is how we can work together to create channels of the divine, improving our human condition and evolving life.

First lesson, everyone is intuitive! 

It’s not something that someone has and you don’t. It’s something within us all. It is the thought in your mind (besides the chatter). Where does thought come from? It’s an interaction with the environment you’re in. And it’s both physical and energetic. An outside stimulus triggers your senses, leading to your own unique understanding.

Second, you have higher senses. 

We all do. Human design comes built-in with all kinds of stuff we have yet to tap into, and there are 3 higher senses you use every day. There’s spatial awareness (like pointing towards yourself). There’s timeline awareness. It’s more than seeing yourself on your timeline–you can pause, rewind, and fast-forward memories. And there’s perceptual position awareness. You can go into second person, seeing yourself through their eyes. Or you can simply observe in third person. Your brain’s ability to feel what others feel is based on this. And then there’s all kinds of other higher senses you can open yourself up to.

To open oneself, you can see where you’ve been blocked in the past by repeating patterns and limiting beliefs. 

The blocks are telling you something and at the same time presenting themselves for healing. We don’t always get that, so they repeat until we get it. Many times we find ourselves holding on because there’s something that benefited us in the past. That can be resolved by moving the same benefit to new empowering ways of living. So wouldn’t you want to gain that benefit and more by finding new empowering ways of behavior? Awww yea.

Another trick for opening up your intuition is diet. Yup, diet. You can actually listen to your body to know the difference between what you desire and what you crave. For me, I get tired a lot, which means I store energy very easily rather than burning it. So to use that energy, I want to find foods to burn fat. Or I find myself craving sugar and alcohol for the rush. Everybody’s body is different, so there is no one-size-fits-all approach. But the general rule you can tweak is that fresh, raw, and lightly cooked fruits and veggies will increase prana (life force), and meats decrease prana. And there’s all kinds of stuff in-between. Increasing your prana means you’re listening to your body. Increasing prana increases intuition.

Next, we can tap into higher levels of consciousness. What you’ve been told is consciousness is just self-awareness. About 5% of your control comes from this level. The other 95% comes from the subconscious. This is your higher self. It’s coding in the form of beliefs and programs that run your daily life. And it’s fully programmable and upgradable. It’s your window to the superconsciousness. That’s nature, spirit, angel, laws of physics, information (aka Akashic Records), and God consciousness!

Every day you are communicating on all these levels. 

So what are you saying? You interact with your surroundings. The level of interaction allows for your growth and evolution. So the level(s) at which you are ready to grow with is prefect for you. Because every interaction you have in the physical world and beyond is expressing itself through you by means of epigenetics. In other words, your genes are turned on and off in response to your environment. And you pass that down to your children and grandchildren.

You can control your evolution. 

And knowing this means that you are increasingly opening yourself up to those higher levels of consciousness, increasing your intuitive abilities. So what happens next?  

Well for starters, you get lessons in the situations where in the past you got pain. You see things differently. You attract different people and new lessons from old people. You release emotional charges you had in the past, now allowing you to perceive more clearly. And you love more. You love unconditionally. You love yourself. You love everything in this beautiful creation, as you increasingly find yourself in the role of creator. 

That’s why people seek me out. I didn’t go out and make myself a healer, but people do come to me for healing. So I bring out the healing from within each and every beautiful soul I encounter. And people aren’t the only beings who seek us out. 

As you and I travel this path, we open up to receiving information from all levels of self–all levels of consciousness. 

Angels wish to relay messages through you. God seeks to relay divine love through you. Information wishes to be conveyed through you that’s pertinent to the people in your life and the lessons they’re going through, in ways that they can understand. You are needed in this world now more than ever. Because you are making a difference!

There’s so much more I want to say about this and the messages coming through me right now. It’s more than upturning our current knowledge of the universe–we’re about to see how our energy has shifted human evolution and finally get a clear picture of where our roots come from. While genetic evolution has essentially been proven through physical evidence and information storage in mitochondrial DNA, the questions remain as to how we evolved from our parent species and in response to what energy. 

Those questions are being answered right now. 

In my CommUNITY’s free workshops and meditations, I am taking a group of Earth’s first ambassadors to our home planet. Yes, you read that right. My next blog is going to be channeled by them, so you can subscribe to get it directly in your inbox. But first I’m preparing those beautiful souls tonight in a workshop for self love. Because that’s where it all starts. Love yourself. Everything becomes more clear. Thank you. It is done. It is done. It is done. 


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