Messages from the Other Side

People on Earth have a lot of fears of dying. You can see it everywhere. So much so that people play on these fears for many reasons. And what if i could show you how fear can be implanted in the living to drive them to overcome it for purposes of the highest and best good?

My name was David. But that's not important anymore. I'm two. I was two.  This is what I'm experiencing upon my death, as my lifeless body is still floating in this pond. I can see myself from above and the shimmery yet murky waters rippling, with cattails gently swaying in the breeze. This is nothing to be afraid of-it's quite liberating in fact. It's a whole new perspective. A new way to perceive and experience life. I could stay here for an eternity or just a second. It's all good.image


First of all, I don't have to see things through only my eyes. I'm consciousness after all. Everything has its own way of perceiving. Everything has consciousness in its own way.  Eyesight was cool, but wow what a difference! Where humans see things as fixed, I see how they really are. Nothing is as is and everything is beautiful. Everything a human sees is just a representation of its perception in a snapshot of time. It's not like that anymore. It never really was. The only snapshot is the observation I choose. Through my soul's eyes, I can see through time. It's not fixed either. There's no start. There's no finish. There's just possibilities. Endless possibilities. And from these possibilities, we all can carve out from this infinite sculpture to create the beautiful art of life.

As I lie face down in the water, there are many possible outcomes. Infinite possibilities. I can remain dead and see the lessons unfold perfectly in my family. I can come back to the living in another life. Or I can come back to life and unfold my lessons right here and now in this lifetime. Each choice creates a new timeline with a common purpose. Lessons are the purpose. Because we learn, grow, and evolve as we navigate through the endless possibilities put forth into the living as life lessons. So how can I program these lessons into my life, knowing that my living body must learn to overcome them?

I give myself fear. It's really just love turned upside-down. But in the time frame of my living body, he won't know that for a very long time. It will have to unfold as many times possible until he gets it. But he will. I can see the infinite possibilities leading to this outcome. He can actually take a lot. More so than before. There will be limiting beliefs to struggle with and overcome. I can see this unfolding from the multitude of time and possibilities. He will handle this beautifully. So let him feel the pain, knowing he has everything he needs in his power to change that.

Swoosh! There I was, back in my body, my mother lifting me from the waters as she rescued my lifeless body. Knowing that this time is nothing but a reference point, notice how easily we can fast forward or rewind. It's one of the human senses that can be used as a tool to overcome our programming. Over 40 years later, David's mother told him what had happened. But it meant nothing. It was just trivial. I did question my first memories, of choosing to be on Earth with my parents. Maybe it meant that was my near death experience. But oh, it meant a lot more. He found that out the meaning of it all another year later.

Lessons were unfolding faster than he could deal with at the time. But it was absolutely perfect! The lessons of fear led him down a path of self discovery to find the love within was so strong that it was literally a light that drew people toward him. Yet in the past, the fear had driven people away. It was fear of abandonment. And using timeline therapy in neurolinguistic programming, David was able to rewind the timeline, float above the root cause from a different perceptual position, just as I am now at two years old. From here i can see the lessons. And in the present living form, David did just that. The fear no longer needed to be there. It wasn't even real-it was imagined.

This version of David from infinite possibilities of time has manifested itself as a man in love. After having gone through a marriage that came to an early completion and seeing old patterns repeat, he found his path in loving service to others. Things were better. But just like a roller coaster, the emotions were still coming back. Just a few years back, another version of David would ask why this always happens. But this version of David had learned the powerful art of asking questions. How can I use my experiences and emotions to find the lessons in what I'm feeling right now for even more healing?

This is me. I'm the one asking questions in the now. I'm not any version of my past, but i am still floating above. My consciousness is everywhere. Using the tools I've learned in my journey and my training in neurolinguistic programming, i can perceive multiple timeliness and infinite possibilities. I can simultaneously experience the emotions while floating above and observing myself experience the emotions. That's powerful! That means I can get the lessons. And I have! The fear was not real. And this also means that I honor the natural flow of energy within my body and soul. Energy just wants to flow, like a river of life. Like the blood in my body. Like the underlying energy of the universe in my consciousness. This is a process.

It's elegantly simple! I love because this is the best way to honor the flow. The perceived fear and self doubt only served to block some of the flow. It was a mental constrict only-like a dam constructed only to last a certain amount of time before the raging  waters flowed over it and through it, blasting it completely away.


I had to experience everything that I did in order to get to where I am right here and now. And the same is true for you! The lesson is that although you have your own lessons based on a completely different life and different experiences and emotions, the same tools can be used to get through it. And I am here to help. I have new spirit and angel guides, the power of god/goddess, newly grown energetic wings, and new knowledge to flow through my values of honesty, devotion, and being there for others. The trick is that I am not the healer-I am the witness. I am witnessing your miracle. Your healing. Your lessons perfectly unfolded.

Come with me and I will show you just how deep this rabbit hole goes. I'm crewing an event for transformation using timeline. This article would not have been possible without that course. I would not have overcome my lessons yet. And the most beautiful part of it all is that with this course, the tools are always (yes, always) working in the background, making it easier to decipher the lessons from my own emotions. I invite you to come forth if you are interested in hearing about this-my blog is not the place to promote these things, but message me on fb or leave a comment below. There's still space. I'm holding space for you. And I want to hear your story. This has been mine up until now.

And right now in this brand new moment I am in love. I'm love with myself. In love with life. And in love. I am both experiencing and overcoming my fear in real time as I'm experiencing life from this field of infinite possibilities. Thank you. It is done. It is done. It is done.



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