What is metamorphosis? It means change. Something becomes something different, but it’s still the same! A caterpillar enters its cocoon and becomes a beautiful butterfly as it emerges.  It is still the same living being, yet its life is now dramatically changed as it spreads its wings and gently flies away.

Do we go through metamorphosis?  Yes, we do!  Our cocoon is the womb and with our birth we emerge as a new body into a field of consciousness.  With the power of thought, we majestically soar as we experience our surroundings, perceiving every sight, smell, taste, touch, and sound.

Our perception and our thoughts lead us to yet another metamorphosis… the one that makes it possible for us, and the butterflies!  This is the genesis of the universe.  It starts as a tiny singularity, as small as a Planck distance.  This is the least measurable distance known to us.  This miniscule point particle’s metamorphosis starts in a strong field of energy, where it begins its journey away from its source.  This is its cocoon, its womb.  It then encounters a second, lower energy field, and it emerges as the Big Bang.  Space itself unfolds its wings and expands into the universe we know today.

This metamorphosis is the Omniverse.  It is beautiful!  And when we experience it, it is the metamorphosis of the mind.  The unfolding of thought.  The butterfly flies in the air.  Humans soar in pure thought.  The universe expands into infinity.  Everything changes, but its true identity remains.


Thank you! We love you!

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