A river carves its way from the top of a mountain. It grows as it travels downstream, always moving forward on its path. It creates valleys and it sculpts all new landscapes. It even takes the land with it as it connects to something greater. The river becomes one with the ocean. Every single water molecules is connected.

The Earth goes through this process as the water brings life. Life is constantly changing. Changing the landscape. Changing itself. Life is always evolving.

You are connected to this process in many ways. Your body and brain are from this evolutionary process. It is the landscape. The flow of life in, around, and through you is the river of consciousness that grows as you do. The ocean of consciousness is your connection to all that is in this grand omniverse.

All of that changes with time. The universe and all of her parallels are constantly evolving. You and your parallel lives evolve with karma. It’s just how the universe works. And it’s beautiful. Miraculous. Advantageous. Life is for you. The universe expands with life ever-evolving, always carving out a new landscape.

In all of the chaos amidst a shape-shifting reality such as this, there’s just one thing that can still be perfectly still…

This one thing is at the very center of it all, within the connection, and it transcends expansion, karma, and time. It is the connection, and it’s more. It is the bridge over the waters allowing you to see clearly what’s flowing within.

This is the mind.

When the mind focuses on time, it taxes around at times. It sounds time in the past thinking about what could have been. It sends time in the future worrying about an unseen outcome. But that’s not the way the mind is designed.

The mind can be focused amidst all of the chaos of these thoughts.

That’s because the mind is simply a body of thought. A focal point that expands with new information from your environment. It is the energetic component of you. The underlying energy of every single grain of your existence. It’s your connection between the physical and the divine.

Imagine standing on the top of a bridge, seeing the waters flowing underneath. See the water from beginning to end. See the entire landscape being carved. The mind makes the observation that creates your reality. It is the perception that colors your vision.

The mind is what allows you to move mountains.

The trick is, it’s not about trying to silence the mind. That would only allow you to focus on where you’re standing in the bridge. Meanwhile everything is still moving. The universe has no secrets. It’s simply expanding your viewpoint to hers. See the whole process beyond time. See the mountains lifted and eroded, all connected to the ocean. See the flow. Bring it all in.

When you expand your focus the mind becomes still. When you see all of time together, all of space and matter connected, you see the stillness amidst an ever-changing world. This is the viewpoint where you can review your life lessons. Your parallel lives’ lesson plans. Your karma.

This is where you see the universe from it’s most basic programming code.

The mind is the same code. Your subconscious mind functions by code that creates your core values, beliefs, and behaviors. When you see the whole process, your mind becomes still. You can customize your programming. You can even reprogram the universe.

This is seeing through all levels of consciousness.. Everything that’s ever happened or is going to happen in our multiverse is available to you. All time. All karma. All consciousness. Your mind connects you to that.

Thank you. It is done. It is done. It is done.


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