Mind Power Hacks

The mind-body connection is powerful. Open up your mind to connect to your heart. Expand your mind and allow love to flow. That's pure energy. The very essence of the universe. The essence of every grain of your existence. Expanding the mind allows us to share the same space—the same energy—just as we breathe the same air. Mind is a unification of ourselves and our surroundings. Unlike most of the physical body, the mind is not confined in space and time. 


Mind is your expression of infinity

And the mind doesn't just connect with the body. It is a channel into the unknown. It is your window to consciousness. And the door you open to step out into the true self existence of who you are. Once opened, that door is the gateway to new states of existence. The mind is more than just being awake or asleep. There are more levels of awareness. What if, without having to experience dying, you could wake up to the state of Heaven? You can! It's all in how you perceive things.

Even with all of the challenges at the present time, you can look from different perceptual positions to navigate lessons and find the gift. Perception is tinted like your sunglasses, with your beliefs filtering out the white light.

You choose what glasses to wear

And the perception twist might just be a little hack in your sunglasses. What if you can view from the Heaven perspective? What would it look like? It might be different for each person, but since you get to tweak your own sunglasses, you can tune them to make it look exactly like your own likeness of Heaven. Think about the sounds associated with it now. Imagine what it feels like. Expand your mind into this image with all of your consciousness. Make images brighter and crisper, sounds even louder, and amp up the feeling.

Your cells respond as your mind expands into new territory. It's the energy that drives your own evolution. And the brain responds. New neural pathways are being created. By imagining new ways to see things, you actually train your brain to get better at perceiving what's already right in front of you at this very moment. And knowing that it's a brand new point in time, wouldn't you just love be open to all of the juicy goodness that you can squeeze out of your ever-expanding mind?

The mind power technique is simple

Everything you hear, see, and feel, bring into your awareness. Notice everything. Allow all of the different sensations to pull you into a meditation while walking. This makes things so much more enjoyable! And do something out of the ordinary. Stop to smell the flowers. Take in every note of the symphonic fragrance as it plays out in your senses. Imagine how just the molecules of certain compounds trigger your responses. Then look into the molecules to see how they're built. Look into their atoms and subatomic particles. At the very essence, it's the same exact energy that every bit of you is made of. One unified core. That's connectedness!

The hack this process for even more results, set the intention for your mind to expand as you sleep. Focus on a point just above your forehead. Now imagine a light extending into the Heavens. This light is a stream of information. Free li-fi all over the universe, baby! Your mind uses connections like this to tap in to even more levels of awareness.

Wanna see things from an angel's perspective? It can be a complete abolition of the awareness of body, but this perceptual position transcends time and space. The good news is you can be aware of your body fully and embrace time and space in a nonlinear way. This is just another level of perception, and of course you already know, there's even more levels of awareness. There's a lot more to the power of your mind...



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