Missing Me


Ever wonder what it means to be human?  What am I?  I have a physical form – a body.  I have thought and emotions – the nonphysical.  These are linked to energy centers in the body that have been observed and measured – the chakra centers.  I also have fields.  The heart pumps blood throughout my body, generating a magnetic field with the iron in the blood.  The same iron that formed in the primordial universe.  The brain generates thoughts and memories which can be measured outside of the physical body – this is the mind.  So I am both physical and nonphysical.  This is the same with all of us.

Let us explore further.  There’s a secret to our physical side that might open the door to the soul, or the higher self.  And gravity is the key to this mysterious door.  How?  The answer involves the Hierarchy Problem of theoretical physics.  In short, gravity is weaker than the other three forces.  A magnet can pick up an object, out-competing the gravity of the entire planet.  But gravity should be equal.  So where is the missing gravity?  In my book, I researched Lisa Randall’s theory of a 5-dimensional solution to the Hierarchy Problem.  5 dimensions?  I also explain how one can visualize a system of higher dimensions with ease.  Gravity is weak in our universe, which is basically a brane with 1 time and 3 space dimensions.  But in the higher dimensions, gravity is just as strong as the other forces. 

What does that mean for the human existence?  It means there’s more to us than what we’re told.  Our gravitational attraction to the planet turns out to be much more.  It is our fifth dimensional counterpart.  This is based off of sound scientific principles, but has anyone ever questioned what is means to us?  There is always more to the picture!  In my Omniverse proposal, repulsion is introduced as an anti-gravity force that not only initiates the Inflationary Big Bang, but also explains Dark Energy.  This is also part of us.  This could be the higher self!  This is why I sad in a previous post, you are the universe.

All of the physical forces in their equality become one underlying force.  Does this mean when we resolve all of the problems of physics today that we will be one with the universe?  In my book, I talk about the source for the underlying energy – this is the Omniverse. And with the knowledge presented in my proposal, I believe readers will experience this feeling of oneness.  This is the real me – the universe flows through my veins.  My consciousness is one with the living universe, and my goal is to raise everyone’s vibration to experience enlightenment through science.

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Remember, everything we know about the universe is about to change.

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