More Human than Human

What they didn’t tell you about evolution could fill a warehouse. An information warehouse, that is. There’s so much unknown, and therein lies the true beauty. Because unknown becomes known. First, you don’t know what you don’t know. Then something shifts and you know there’s more to know. And knowledge brings a greater understanding as you pull in more of the unknown, transcending into the known. The very next step will blow you away…

Humanity is discovering all new ways of transcending the unknown. We used to use the fossil record to figure out Earth’s past, but only a very small amount of the living ever gets preserved. So wet connected the dots. We’ve refined the past (our understanding of it) several times.

I’ve said this before, and I’ll say it again:

Darwinian evolution is dead. It’s a fossil.

These days, we have much better tools. A long time ago we decoded human DNA. The shocker was that only about 5% was understood at the time, the rest being “junk” DNA.

Well that junk has transcribed changes in our lineage for millions of years or more.

Welcome to the New Age

Now we can trace back least common ancestors from everything we evolved from.

And there’s STILL a lot missing.

Knowing that you don’t know is important, because it leaves possibilities open.

Then days fills in the gaps.

Mitochondrial DNA studies traced back modern humans to over 300,000 years ago (100,000 MORE than the fossil record). And another, older lineage was found and traced back to around 400,000 years ago! This resulted in an older, Africa-originated modern human and a younger Eurasian modern human.

And we mated with other hominids we coexisted with four hundreds of thousands of years, leaving clues as to who our common ancestors were.

Neanderthal and Denisovan were out two closest cousins. We swapped some DNA for sure. Yea I went there haha. So we traced back what our DNA preserved and what we could get from fossils. Denisovan was like a finger and something. Reminds me of in 5th Element when they rebuilt the supreme being with only her hand intact. Perfect!

This study showed a split from our common ancestor over 700,000 years ago! They both split off the same DNA, then we did later.

Evolution’s not a gradual change. It’s incremental. But we don’t know why. Sometimes it’s in response to global extinction events. Sometimes it’s not.

There’s certain species, whether or not they’re still here today, that are Pivot Species. They create.

The picot species that have rise to modern humans was from homo erectus. This pivotal DNA split off four ways in two time periods.

Keep going back in the records and there’s more.

The bonobo is a pivotal species. Many great apes originated from its DNA. Gorillas. Orangutans. And modern human’s parentals.

The more we go back, the more we find.

Just last week, the last common ancestor of all of our great ape ancestors was traced back 13 million years. Homo was an upgrade about 2 million years ago, then humans were downloaded 1.6 million years later. And that’s out of 4.6 billion years that Earth has existed. Life itself had been dated back to 4 billion years or more, smashing old records.

There’s still a lot of gaps, and that leaves room for questions. Not jumping to conclusions like aliens or sureties. We are all of that.

We. Are. All. Of. That!

Humans are the next Pivot Species.

We are capable of so much more than what we’ve done on this planet so far. Our brains are capable of creating 11-dimensional structures of stored information. Our bodies contain massive data warehouses of information. Our DNA is changing just by the environment we create, and tote passing that down several generations through epigenetics. On top of that, your perception and self-awareness are completely programmable.

Basically, your brain is waiting for your perception to catch up. All the whole, your mind is energetically receiving infinite possibilities for your perception to filter.

Here’s the key: Your energy is the environment you create for your evolution.

And that changes everything!

You can control what you attract for your own highest and best good. Just try to do it with ease and grace. Seriously.

And that means for some, the next stage of evolution is already happening. There’s so many possibilities of different interactions over time. From when modern humans started, we could have had technological civilizations come and go. And going back to the very beginning, there actually has been alien influence. In the form of building blocks or even cellular life, Earth has been seeded from the beginning from within and from outer space. Leaves a lot of room for thought.

Evolution is energetic. Life grows toward an energy like a plant grows toward light.

All you have to know is that this energy id’s available to you and it is for you, whatever the hell it may be.

That’s what humanity is opening it’s eyes to right now. Infinite possibilities. That’s our light. And we’re changing. In ways that in some cases I’ve seen, are more human than human. And the most ironic thing is that living off the grid in a leaf-eating, crystal-petting hippie lifestyle not only allies them to be here, but they can go undetected!

So most don’t even know that they don’t know.

But you do. You know there’s infinite possibilities just waiting for you to expand your mind so much further, pulling even more into your field of ever-expanding awareness.

And that’s the equivalent of turning on a light!

Because after all, we didn’t just evolve from apes. We evolved from stars. They lived and died to create everything our Earth and solar Staten are made of. The very mud that created you. So if you’re still thinking that evolution contradicts religion, or vice versa, it doesn’t. They’re both right. And we still have a shit-ton of questions to ask.


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