Multidimensional Awareness

If you have mastered the art of being one with the universe, what I am going to say may come as a surprise. After all I have been writing about the universe and how all of it in its entirety exists within every seemingly separate subatomic component. Using scientific principles applied to the universe, one can observe the possibilities of the process that points to signs of one underlying force pervading the universe, or its own consciousness. Humans can and do tap into this field – when we act with unconditional love and compassion. But there’s more secrets the universe has up its sleeve. In the coming months and years there will be several revelations that scientists are looking for to redefine our current view of physics.


The first revelation is upon us. It has been around as long as Einstein’s relativity, but only recently is gaining a stronghold. It alters our perception of the universe. Called quantum physics, it has branched into many robust mathematical models theorizing how things happen and agreeing with observed evidence. In the quantum domain, nothing is at it seems. Every particle or force is a statistical probability. By observing anything, we change the outcome of the observation. This is because it is a snapshot of its probabilities. But this isn’t a difficult concept to grasp – each part of us exists within the universe as a whole. We just observe the most likely combination of possibilities that make us right here and right now. Being everywhere in the universe with the universe everywhere in you yields the feeling of oneness in the universe. Quantum entanglement experiments provide proof of this phenomenon.

The next revelation is here as well. Precise models of the universe have led scientists to believe that these probabilities can be applied to the universe as a whole – leading to parallel universes. While not proven, it is based on sound science and backed by top scientists like Steven Hawking and Michio Kaku. The words parallel universes conjure images of separate universes, each with different laws of physics. But the parallels aren’t separate – they are the probabilities of our existence!

Ever wonder how people claim to have abilities of manifestation? Reality-hacking? Well it’s real, and understanding the universe can give you a starting point. Because existence is observation-based, we are constantly changing the outcome. When we do this, we are moving through fields of possibilities. Even moving from point A to point B causes an object to travel all possible paths. All possible paths leading to your observation must also account for all parallel universes. This is multidimensional awareness when, on a subconscious level, the human brain is able to understand this phenomena, process the information, and focus on the intention of the favorable outcome. In other words, this is how you manifest. We do it in the background all the time but can be completely unaware of it. However, this process must exist in order for the laws of physics to work they way they do, in so creating a physical reality. One that can be custom crafted to your highest and best good.


The third revelation that will change everything we know about the universe is about to be born. This is my proposal – a geometric model of the universe before and after the Inflationary Big Bang. This model takes into account the probabilities of time itself, and even the curvature of the universe. This revelation if the Omniverse, which acts as a supermassive white hole that sends a singularity into existence. The singularity is our universe before the Big Bang – we just don’t know (yet) where it came from or why it existed in this state before it went Big Bang. The singularity encounters a field similar to the Higgs field from the famous boson recently observed, but instead of gaining mass like with the Higgs, the singularity gained space – the early inflation of the universe. Space literally expanded faster than light! From the point of the singularity entering this field, it projects space and everything we observe in the universe following the same mechanism as a hologram. Our brain is also designed this way – we are built to gain this understanding so the consciousness of the universe understands itself!

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Everything we know about the universe is about to change!


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