Here’s a gem of wisdom for you. Quite literally in fact. That’s because this bit of information actually comes from the crystal kingdom. Let’s take a look at how consciousness is similar to a crystal. First, we ┬ácan visualize how consciousness exists within everything. The crystal kingdom can be viewed as a plane of existence, followed by nature, sentient beings (us), spirits, angels, the laws of physics, and God. This isn’t everything – there’s submodalities of matter and light that must happen before inorganic chemistry is made possible in this universe. Stars live and die simply to put atoms together, forming crystals. As life progresses, biological life is formed from biomolecular reactions with crystals. The first cellular life actually got their energy by exchanging electrons on the surfaces of pyrite crystals (iron sulfide) in dark, hot, acidic waters, where it was previously thought to be impossible to host life. Our bodies are full of various types of the crystal kingdom. We couldn’t live without minerals and metals. Just think of the iron pumping through our blood, generating our own magnetic field. This iron was formed in the early universe billions of years ago and spread across the universe through supernovae.

We are connected to all that is. Everything has a level of consciousness. Even the smallest particles that are used to put together protons, neutrons, electrons, and photons – matter and light – have a fundamental level of consciousness. It goes back to a simple process of decision-making as the early post-Big Bang universe creates form from a primordial soup. Every quark (it takes 3 to make a proton or neutron) or lepton (electron or photon) is a particle with an antiparticle. However, before being a particle or antiparticle, it is in a state known as a virtual particle. The virtual particle cycles in and out of existence as both sides of the coin. We observe it one way, and that is which it becomes – either a particle or an antiparticle. And in doing so, it’s first conscious decision is made. As matter builds and attracts, the code of consciousness is programmed.

When atoms attract others with ionic bonds, molecules are made. Like molecules attract more like molecules, forming a lattice – a crystal grid pattern. Ever wonder why like minds attract other like minds? It is in our nature. Here’s an interesting fact about all crystal lattices: The bonds made between atoms are nothing but shared energy. Every molecule, including organic molecules too, is mostly space! That’s not the lesson here, but important to know when we visualize our physical reality. WE are mostly space.

As a crystal grows, it builds upon itself following its lattice pattern. It simply repeats this process. On another level, or subconscious will do the same thing until it learns to do something different. But the crystal can produce something out of itself that will simply astound us when we see the meaning it has in our lives. A crystal can become a multifaceted gem. Think of a diamond – after being subjected to some of the highest temperatures and pressures possible, the carbon atoms form a perfect crystal grid. But it’s journey is not complete. It’s grid creates planes upon which the crystal can be cut as it is carefully carved into a gem. Every face of the gem is a different way of viewing the whole gem. Every facet is a window to the same inside of what the gem is made of!

Think about how our lives are like multifaceted gems. Picture a big diamond. Maybe you are looking at an angle where you can see into a single tiny facet near the edge. Look inside, and you can see impurities within the diamond. Imagine this view as your viewpoint of yourself (1st person). Other views can represent views in 2nd or 3rd person. You can expand your view by looking into a larger facet. But you know what? No matter how you look at it, the imperfections are always there. But how you see them changes. One viewpoint might show that the imperfections are its character. Everything you think is an imperfection in 1st person viewpoint can be exactly what someone else loves when viewing from another viewpoint.

So in the light of being a multifaceted gem, what if the entire thing could be viewed as one? What if the whole crystal is seen from all viewpoints? When we step back and see the whole picture, the imperfections may no longer be visible. But more importantly, we see all of the different ways with which to view. This is consciousness. 1st person is analogous to the conscious mind, or identity. We also have the subconscious – the stuff inside. And our superconsciousness provides us with multiple views from other facets of the crystal. Think of nature consciousness, angel consciousness, physics consciousness, and even God consciousness as YOUR multiple facets. Each of us is the whole – not just one viewpoint, and not just the imperfections. You are a beautiful GEM!

Thank you!


Change your perspective, change your reality.

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